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Need a Speaker?
Does your Club or Society within Monash run a program of speakers? Waverley Historical
Society can provide presentations on a variety of topics of local (Waverley) interest:

1. Early Days around Amstel, Ashwood, Glen Waverley, Mt Waverley, Syndal, Wheelers
Hill, or other locality within the Waverley part of Monash, or a compilation, Early Days
around Monash for groups that cover a wider area. These can be adapted to your needs
or interests.

2. Virtual Tours of High St Rd, Waverley Rd, Stephensons Road and other major roads.
We regularly organise actual walks around the area, but have found main roads too noisy
as well as too long, and so developed these ‘armchair strolls’ that we can easily bring to
your group.

3. Drama, Danger and Dastardly Doings – If you have already viewed one of the above
and have a taste for the darker side of local history, try one of these shows, which will tell
of real events around the whole of old Waverley, from bushrangers, murders, and ghosts
to mysteries, fraud and deception.

All shows are accompanied by a range of old photos of the local area and complete
commentary. Questions are most welcome, either on the day, or with notice. The latter will
be answered pictorially if at all possible!

Contact us by email and ask for one of our educators to visit,
naming day and time. (Actual date to be decided at our mutual convenience.)