Wyndham (Werribee) Cemetery
Minute Book No 1 (1865 - 1881)
Burial Register (1909 - 1999)
Monumental Inscriptions
Truganina Cemetery
Burial Register (1982 - 1999)
Monumental Inscriptions
Rothwell (Little River) Cemetery
Burial Register (1859 - 1985)
Monumental Inscriptions
Anglican Church of St Thomas
Monumental Inscriptions
Roman Catholic Church of St Andrew
Monumental Inscriptions
Sr. M. Xavier Curtain R.S.J., The Parish of Werribee and Little River
Werribee Park
Monumental Inscriptions
The following is a list of general history resources for the district. All are available at the Wyndham Library.
BAGGIO, R. A.; The Shoe in my Cheese: An Immigrant Family Experience, (R.A.Baggio (1989)
CARTER, W.M.S.; The Carter Family of Werribee, (Corporate Printers South Melbourne) Pty Ltd (1997))
JAMES, K. N. Werribee, The First One Hundred Years, (Werribee District Historical Society (1985))
JAMES, Ken, Aborigines in the Werribee District, (Campbell Wilson Pty Ltd (Geelong) (1978))
MANTELLO, Maria; Now and Then: The Sicilian Community farming at Werribee
MURRAY, Esther; The Plains of Iramoo, (Henwood & Darcey, Geelong (1974))
Ronald, H.; Wool Past the Winning Post: A History of The Chirnside Family, (Wilke & Co Ltd (1978))
SHAW, Frank; Little River: A Place to Remember, (Hamilton Printing Works (Lara))

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