Recreation Reserve and Pavilion, c1919.

Recreation Reserve and Pavilion, c1919.

A number of interesting features can be seen in this photograph. The pavilion itself was completed in 1883. To the left of the staircase is the fireplace and chimney which was erected in 1891 from left-over bricks following the Queen Victoria Jubilee celebration in 1887. This huge fireplace was removed during the 1980s refurbishment. The staircase itself was erected in 1896 as a second means of exit from the upper floor, and was also removed in the 1980s. In the lower right corner of the photo can be seen the cannon, still on its original mounting after being dragged backwards from nearer the centre of the oval in 1915 to make way for a football oval. The low buildings to the left were erected over a two year period in the late 1880s and were divided into an athlete's change booth, secretary's office, officials' booth, fruit stall, etc.


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