Exhibition Reef, 2015

Exhibition Reef, 2015

Tarnagulla Courier 5. 5.1894:

"Dyer's Claim is 400' x 600', owned by James Dyer and Ernest Radnell, have been fairly well repaid for their efforts. The claim is situated close to the Racecourse Rd, between the Newbridge Rd. The reef now being worked is the second block, the first was rather small and poor. The reef is flat, dipping east and pitching south.
The reef is worked for nearly the whole length of the claim 400', and is 6" to 3' wide, averaging 16 - 17dwts/ton. 400 tons have been crushed, 40 loads to go, expect 22dwt/ton. Adjoining claim south is owned by Radnell Bros, not payable."

GPS: 36 degrees 46 minutes 20 seconds south, 143 degrees 51 minutes 22 seconds east.


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