David Renshaw Letter

David Renshaw Letter

David Renshaw was an early pioneer of Tarnagulla, and worked as a miner for many years. In early 1881 he suffered a serious hand injury at the Poverty mine and was forced to seek other means of support for his large family. Funds were raised around the town and district, and he purchased a small store in Commercial Road which he called Manchester House. Business flourished, and soon after Renshaw purchased another, larger, store, London House. Both these businesses adjoined the Golden Age Hotel, Manchester House to the south and London House to the north.

Business continued to flourish over the years and in time the Renshaw family opened branches at Dunolly, Bealiba, Inglewood and elsewhere, as well as two metropolitan stores at Richmond and Newport.

Business had slowed considerably by the time of World War I and both the Tarnagulla stores closed in 1916. Manchester House still stands to this day, but London House was demolished many years ago despite the fact that it was a large store in a prime position.

In the early years the Renshaw family lived near the old Wesleyan Manse on Spring Hill at Tarnagulla. The foundations of this building can still be seen in the bush about 200 metres due east of the Methodist Church. Interestingly, our friend Richard Shiell's ancestors, the Brideson family, resided here after the Renshaws. Both families were strong adherents of the Wesleyan Church.


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