Zimmerman- Leroux Family Wedding Group

Zimmerman- Leroux Family Wedding Group

Wedding group, probably taken at Richmond, Victoria, in 1900.
The Zimmerman and Leroux families were early Tarnagulla and Newbridge pioneers, and for many years were highly respected throughout the district.
Rear, from the left: Heine Zimmerman Jnr, Heine Zimmerman Snr, Herbert Leslie Leroux, William Leroux, Albion John Wiltshire.
Middle, from the left: Ada Florence Wiltshire, Elsie May Leroux, Charles Ernest Wiltshire, Florence Emma Wiltshire (nee Leroux), Richard Fiddes Brown, Lena Annette Leroux, Maria Zimmerman, Alice May Wiltshire.
Front, from the left: Frederica Leroux, Christiana Zimmerman, Henry George Leroux, Mary Ann Wiltshire.


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