Solomon James Bernard (Jim) Riley and Family, photo dated 1919/20

Solomon James Bernard (Jim) Riley and Family, photo dated 1919/20

Solomon James Bernard (Jim) Riley Station Master at Tarnagulla 29-04-1920 to 11-08-1922, and Family, photo dated 1919/20.
Photo kindly supplied by Dianne Schneider. Dianne is the grandaughter of Solomon James Bernard & daughter of Nellie Riley.
Nellie Riley is sitting in front of her father SJB Riley in this photo.


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    Nellie also appears in the 1922 school photo which can be found here:
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    Compliments of Dianne Schneider - who writes: 'This is a photo of Jim, his wife Emily and their three eldest children. Emily is nursing baby John (about 1 year old). The other children are Sydney (aged 3) and Nellie (aged 4). Jim joined the railways at Camperdown in 1913 and by 1916 he had already been appointed an Assistant Stationmaster after a number of postings. He continued at this classification until his appointment to Tarnagulla. A very creditable progression to SM at age 28. He had at an earlier time served a couple of months as acting Porter at Tarnagulla in 1914. He was Stationmaster at Camberwell when he died in service aged 61 in 1954. I have very definite childhood memories of him. He was a very caring family man with a great sense of community & a very jolly demeanour. There were articles in the Argus, pages 8 & 9 Thursday 9th 1914 and the Herald July 9 1914 which might explain his responsible appointments early in his career.’
    Ed - The Station Master photograph was taken by a Travelling Photographer from Walshs, 297 Malvern Rd, South Yarra. Nellie Riley attended the Tarnagulla School. The Station Master was an important person in town who would have witnessed many document and important occasions in that period.


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