Rees Williams and Children

Rees Williams and Children

Rees Williams of the Criterion Store is sitting middle front. His wife Mary passed away in 1890, and this photograph was taken subsequent to then.
The three daughters in the photograph are, from the left, Caroline, Sophia and Anne. Anne is holding up a photograph of brother Luther who was away schoolteaching.
The younger man right rear is Joseph D Williams, who was Tarnagulla's first locally-born Borough Mayor, and was said by his contemporaries to be the "Best Mayor Tarnagulla ever had!". JD moved away after the old store was sold, and died in Canterbury, a Melbourne suburb, in 1949. He always retained a very strong connection with Tarnagulla, and was for many years a driving force behind the Back-To's and Tarnagulla Old Boys and Girls Association activities in Melbourne.
Luther Williams and his family moved around Victoria with the Education Department in increasingly more senior roles, and he also eventually retired to Canterbury where he passed away in 1945.
Interestingly, Luther's son, Norman Rees Williams OBE, ranks as one of Tarnagulla's more notable progeny, having achieved the position in 1940 of General Manager of the State Savings Bank of Victoria.


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