Harry Spencer

Harry Spencer

Alyson Crawford adds:
Said to be operating as baker in 1850's thru to June 1864, when struck with paralysis.
Henry "Harry" Spencer born c1831 near London, son of Henry and Rebecca (nee Harper) Spencer, and arrived at Sandy Creek during 1852. Apparently partially disabled from mining accident in Sept 1861, he was struck down with paralysis June 1864, and was cared for by his sister-in-law. He died Sept 27, 1901.
If you look at this child's seemingly deformed left foot (with NO shoes) it appears that he had already been afflicted with polio as an infant; so maybe his subsequent outcome was due to re-occurance or 'post polio' syndrome ??
This photo came from the collection of my great grandmother Miss Mary Page - (Mrs Herbert Samuel Richards.) I guess she must have been very good friends with Harry. She also had a riding crop with a gold engraved band "awarded to Harry Spencer" The story was that he was a very good jockey ??
David Gordon adds:
Henry Spencer was indeed badly injured in a mining accident at Tarnagulla. The accident occurred within weeks of him joining the local Garibaldi Lodge MUIOOF, and he would receive a benefit of one pound per week from this fund for the remaining 40 years of his life. This was said at the time be be a Victorian if not Australian record maximum payment term.
Photo courtesy Alyson Crawford.


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