Tarnagulla School - year unknown.Possibly 1918 or 1919?


  • Ralph Munden on 2006-Dec-11 21:10:21 Ralph Munden said

    The girl, second row from top with
    white bow, extreme right hand side,
    is my mother,Freda Nicholls.Her
    grandfather Joseph Whimpey had the
    Cobb & Co. coach.
  • Phil Spencer (PhilSpe) on 2012-Jun-09 16:07:12 Phil Spencer (PhilSpe) said

    Freda Nichols was born May 1902, according to http://www.loiswillis.com/getperson.php?personID=I453&tree=2 so something is not quite right, there could not be 12 years difference in ages here.
  • Phil Spencer (PhilSpe) on 2012-Jul-14 12:43:56 Phil Spencer (PhilSpe) said

    My mother Nellie Alexander b 1909 2nd top row on left, Mavis Comrie top row on right. Notice all the big boys either at work on the farms, because the war is on, or playing Footy?

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