Tarnagulla School - year unknown. Kindly provided by Dennis Carnell

Tarnagulla School - year unknown.Kindly provided by Dennis Carnell.click twice for increased size.This is the same photo as the one in the top left only in black and white


  • Phil Spencer (PhilSpe) on 2012-Jun-11 13:31:13 Phil Spencer (PhilSpe) said

    Looks like abt 1907 -identical to pinnies of England 1910. The pinafore had no buttons, was simply "pinned on the front" which led to the term "pinafore." 2 Alexander girls somewhere there.
  • Phil Spencer (PhilSpe) on 2012-Jun-11 14:13:45 Phil Spencer (PhilSpe) said

    The Education Department must have an archivist who could date it. I just guessed previously by the hem lengths in comparison to the Llanelly 1897 one.
  • Phil Spencer (PhilSpe) on 2012-Jun-12 00:39:12 Phil Spencer (PhilSpe) said

    Will put $2 on Ella Alexander b Nov 98, 3rd row of girls from front, 2nd girl from left. That look of hers & have photo of her in Dec 1902.

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