Tarnagulla Back To 1931

Fancy Dress Parade.
David Gordon notes "This photograph is taken looking south-west from the corner of Commercial road and Poverty street. The shop on the corner is Miss Ada Clouston's Newsagency. This shop was commenced by Miss Rachael Williams, Miss Clouston's aunt, and it operated for many years as Williams and Clouston's Haberdashery, Fancy Goods and Newsagency. Miss Clouston became the sole proprietor after her aunt's death". Further, about the hoarding just visible to the left of the shop: " In 1929 Jimmy Reid of The Exchange Store erected a large hording on the vacant block of land between the Golden Age hotel and Miss Clouston's Newsagency on the corner. The vacant block had previously been a large store known as Renshaw's London House, and which had become decrepit and was demolished in the later 1920s, opening the way for Reid to erect his large hording. The hording itself blew down in a big windstorm in 1939 and wasn't replaced."

From David Alexander Collection


  • Phil Spencer on 2014-Jun-17 09:27:17 Phil Spencer said

    The Tall man in the Parade looks like the man in a previous Tarnagulla cricket team photo, and the lady under the parasol (closer one) looks like Hilda Paterson.

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