Reid-Allen Exchange Store, leased from Estate Thomas Comrie. Formerly Thomson and Comrie Exchange Store.


  • Phil Spencer (PhilSpe) on 2012-Jun-02 11:09:45 Phil Spencer (PhilSpe) said

    Great photo & Good scan. Noticed the electricity. Is that the Beer Man Advertisement - the "figure" second from the right? There would be some records of it surely? Anything at all more on the back, pls Dennis?
  • Phil Spencer (PhilSpe) on 2012-Jun-02 11:22:32 Phil Spencer (PhilSpe) said

    Whoops, didn't see it in scan before. Postcard sized, Kodak, "C Bock Photo" Tarnagulla. Comments in biro on back - meaning written post 1960 about.
  • Dennis Carnell (Dencar56) on 2012-Jun-11 22:40:38 Dennis Carnell (Dencar56) said

    The circa date is wrong on there Phil, Lew Allen, is my wife's grandfather he died in July 1943 at the age of 60 so possibly around 1940, however it may not have been printed until later.
  • Dennis Carnell (Dencar56) on 2012-Jun-11 22:45:10 Dennis Carnell (Dencar56) said

    Isabel Reid died in 1952 and Jim Reid in 1957
  • Dennis Carnell (Dencar56) on 2012-Jun-12 09:33:38 Dennis Carnell (Dencar56) said

    Sorry Phil, I miss understood your comment regarding 1960. Jim Reid is listed on the Electoral Rolls as a storekepper in Tarnagulla from 1924-1954, so not sure when the photo was taken.

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