Telemaster 400

The model...

The Telemaster 400 is a 36" wingspan electric trainer that I've built from free plans downloaded from the internet. The Telemaster is a balsa and liteply construction, covered in transparent green 'Solite' film. It is designed for 3 channels and a geared 400 speed motor.

This model is my first scratch built plane that I've actully flown and is being used for training pursposes. It was chosen as it is a good basic design with a fairly light but strong construction. It has good basic flying characteristics and has already survived the odd mishap - see pictures below!

The final setup was:
- Wing span: 36
- Motor: 400sp 7.2v
- Gearbox: 2.5:1
- Prop: APC 9x6E
- Battery: 3cell 1050 ma LiPo
- Weight: ~380 grams ready to fly
- Covering: Solite & Humbrol purple paint

Here are two pictures of the completed plane - before it's maiden flight!

Unfortunately, the first flight ended up with a pretty hard nosedive and crash - as can be seen below! It was caught by a strong gust of wind while turning and this is the result! It was all repaired with CA and about 30 minutes work. The following flights have been much more successful and no more damage to report...

The plans can be found here...

The following photos show the build sequence for this model...

Basic fueslage construction
Fuselage built up
Beginnings of the wings
Rear tailplane being built up.
All parts finished and ready for sanding and covering.
A closer view of the tail and wing construction.
The finished pieces in place.
...and another view.
Testing the electronics.
Controls fitted on the tail and tested.

Tail covered and painted!
Covering is transparent green Solite.
Paint is Humbrol gloss purple.

Gluing the tail to the fuselage.
Completed and ready to go!

Last Updated: 22nd Feb, 2006



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