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Posted at 08/01/12 - 12:09 AM

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Important Sunbury Dates

Earliest residents were the Gunung-Willam-Balluk people, a clan of the Woiwurrung who named the locality "Korra Korracup".

1802 - Matthews Flinders maps Port Phillip Bay.

1824 - Hume and Hovell expedition passes through the area.

1835 - John Batman climbs Sheoak HillS now Jackson's Hill.

1836 - Pioneer George Evans settled at Emu Bottom. Evans was a founding father of Melbourne who arrived on the Enterprise in 1835 and became the first permanent settler.

1836 - Samuel and William Jackson arrive in the district and called the area Sunbury after Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex, England.

1850 - William John Turner Clarke granted Special Survey of 31,373 acres.

1851 - Sunbury village surveyed.

1859 - Railway reaches Sunbury.

1860 - Sunbury Court of Petty Sessions declared.

1866 - Shire of Bulla proclaimed.

1874 - The foundation stone at Rupertswood mansion was laid.

1906 - Town water supply established.

1909 - Electricity supply to the town replaced gas lighting.

1975 - Sunbury designated a ‘Satellite Town’.

1992 - Closure of Caloola, formerly the Sunbury Hospital for the Insane.

1994 - Victorian University Sunbury Campus on Jackson’s Hill opens on the former Asylum site.

1994 - Shire of Bulla merged with City of Broadmeadows to form the City of Hume.

1999 - Closure of Sunbury Primary School No.1002 and relocated to Jackson’s Hill.

2001 - Heritage Plaques were affixed to historic buildings, churches and bridges, beatured in the Sunbury Heritage Walks brochure.

2010 - Victoria University Sunbury Campus closed in Dec 2010.

2011 - Sunbury acknowledged 175 years of European settlement.

Our Association supports the City of Hume George Evans Museum and has provided exhibitions on local themes, such as:

  • Mayday in Pioneering Sunbury
  • The History of Schools in the Shire of Bulla
  • Tribute to the Local Service Men & Women
  • Vineyards Through the Ages
  • A Sporting History of the Shire of Bulla
  • The Way We Were 1920’s - 1930’s
  • Women of the Land-a History of the CWA
  • Byegone Schooldays
  • Balls, Bats and Blue Ribbons
  • Sunbury Then and Now
  • Sweet and Simple Pleasures