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This site was prepared by Bruce Barbour.

Last updated October 2012.


© 1998 - 2012

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The Webmaster and other people who have provided information for this site are not liable to users of this web site for any loss or damage however caused resulting from use of the web site or the use of the information contained therein.

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Site Preparation

The site was initially prepared using AOLpress plus some additional HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) programming. AOLpress is a simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) page editor (which is no longer available). (WYSIWYG page editors are the easist way to start a site however as you gain more experience they can become limiting and some of them are annoying in that they can change your HTML without even telling you or the HTML they write can be very messy.)

This site has subsequently been updated using 1st Page 2000# with style sheets edited in Topstyle Lite#. Both these programs are excellent. They use to be available free over the internet. (I note 1st Page charge for their most recent version). Alternatively you could try a program called "Alleycode#" which seems similar to 1st Page and a quite reasonable HTML editor. If you are really hardline you can write and edit pages in Notepad. Recently, because content is more important than style, I have gone back to using NVu and then later SeaMonkey# Composer (which is the same as NVu) which seems fine when used with style sheets from Topstyle Lite. However even with a WYSIWYG editor like NVu / SeaMonkey it is desireable to be able to tweak the HTML in the <HTML> Source view pane either to clean up the code or for when NVu / SeaMonkey doesn't behave exactly as you want it to - so please learn some basic HTML.

If any Strathmorites (or groups) have any good ideas for a Website but don't know how to start, please contact me. It's not difficult to set up a simple web site (this is my first site) and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may provide you with an amount of disk space on the ISP's server included with your dial up account (please refer to your ISP for further information). Vicnet may be willing to host a community site for free. See Vicnet# Site for further information. If any Strathmorites wishes to have input into the design and/or content of this site please contact me and let me know your ideas.

Site Philosophy.

  • This web site is for the benefit of the Community.
  • This is Stage 1 of this site. The site is still under construction (and will be for its entire life).
  • Your suggestions on how this site might be used and developed is welcomed. Please Email me with your comment and suggestions.
  • Some possibilities for future development of the site include:
    • Community Forum Page - a place for the discussion of local issues.
    • Community Billboard Page - Listing of all events in Strathmore (Fetes, Cake Stalls, Sporting Events, Finals, Theatre etc).
    • Community Assistance Page - A contact point for community Skill Sharing and Co- operatives. Set up Interest Groups e.g. book reading groups, golf groups or set up tool sharing groups.
    • Community Advertising Page - for the use of residents to sell unwanted secondhand goods to other residents.
    • Community News Electronic Magazine - new articles submitted from the community or possibly pulling together articles from other paper magazines produced within the community (such school magazines, Newsletters, Neighbourhood Watch etc.)
    • Community Marketplace - Listing all local businesses and what they provide. Encouragement of support from local businesses and for local businesses.

    The main problem with these possible developments at the moment is the still lack of penetration of the Internet into the Suburbs limiting ready community access to the pages. If the site was to expand in this way a working committee would need to be formed to share the work load. Anyway Email me and let me know what you think.

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Site History

This site was launched onto the World Wide Web on the 26th of January 1999.

A major revamp of the website was undertaken in October 2012, changing the look and feel of the site (with minor modifications to content).


I would be pleased to consider proposals for sponsorship.