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One Tree Hill Cemetery

One Tree Hill Cemetery, Stawell
This Memorial stands in the area where the first burials at Pleasant Creek took place and was used from the time of the gold discovery in 1853 until the streets were surveyed in the area in 1858. This cemetery was known as One Tree Hill.

The burial ground was around the junction of the present Griffith and Leslie Streets and some 200 metres from Pleasant Creek where the gold discovery took place.

The streets of this first Township of Stawell were surveyed in June 1858 and the roads then went through the cemetery which was never an official burial place. There were no officials in the area until a Goldfields Warden and some Police were appointed in August 1857 when the big gold rush took place. The Warden closed this cemetery prior to the street survey and burials then took place in the present cemetery in Cypress Street.

This monument was erected here in 1934 during a Back to Stawell celebration. The headstone shown, was discovered in the area in the 1920's being used face down as a doorstep and was incorporated into the monument by the Robsons, the monumental masons. It reads - To the Memory of D.J. James been a son of A.C. James, 22 months, died March 1858.

Over recent years, the Stawell Historical Society has accumulated details of many of the burials which took place in this One Tree Hill Cemetery.

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