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Literary Institute

Longfield Street, Stawell

Literary Institute, Stawell
Built 1868
A Committee of residents of this area banded together to erect this building in 1868. It was intended to bring all the advantages of a Mechanics Institute to this 1858 proclaimed Township of Stawell.

Newspapers, some from England, as well as about 400 books which were donated by various local gentlemen were housed here for the benefit of local residents. The two-storied building of two rooms cost the subscribers about £300. The interior consisted of a reading room and library on the ground floor and the upstairs room was used as a lecture room and classroom. The building of hand made red bricks, is of unusual design with no internal supporting walls. The Institute had a brief life of about eight years. As the population in this area decreased, support for the Institute also waned and the building was sold in 1876 to become a private home when the verandah was added.

Since 2002 the building is privately owned and operates as a tea room and is known as The Pleasant Creek Café.

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