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Burkhart, Geoffrey Researching Australian School Records  (SFHG location: Ref 600 BUR)

Vision and Realisation: a Centenary History of State Education in Victoria 3 Volumes  (SFHG location: Ref 600.3 VIS)

Davis , Lew Family Tree Food: a Victorian Sourcebook.  Extracts from Victorian Government Gazettes, Indexed (SFHG location: Ref 300 EXT)

Australian (Victoria) list of teachers 1882-83 (microfiche)

The Education Department Record of War Service 1914-1919, Victoria  (CD)

      War services records 1939 - 1945.   Index only - teachers who served in World War 2 Victorian Education Department (SFHG Location: 640.3 WAR


Arcadia Primary School 1880 Centenary 1877-1977 (SFHG location: 600.3613 ARC) Ardmona Ardmona School Centenary 1875-1975 (SFHG location: 600.3629 ARD)

Ardmona School Register Enrolments from 9-8-1903 to 6-2-1979 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3629 ARD)

Ardmona State Primary School 1563 Pupil Registers 1985-1995 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3629 ARD)


Consolidated Index to Ballarat District School Student Registers (microfiche)

Coomboona Coomboona Primary School No 3093 Centenary 1891-1991 (SFHG location: 600.3629 COO) Cosgrove Pupils' Register State Primary School Cosgrove 2466 (SFHG location: 600.3645 PUP)

Teachers' Time Book 1948-1966 Cosgrove No.2466 (SFHG location: 600.3645 TEA)

Cosgrove State School No. 2466 Pupil's Register (SFHG location: Ref 600.3631 COS)

Cosgrove State School information 1928-1968  (SFHG location: REF 600.3646)

          Pupil's Register State Primary School Currawa (Dookie College) School 3907, 1915- (SFHG location: REF 600.3646 CUR)


Devenish Primary School 1764 Back to '99. Easter 1999 (SFHG location: 600.3726 DEV)

The Achievement of Visions.  Devenish East State School No. 2124 1879-1931, Devenish (West) State School No. 1512 1875-1943  (SFHG location: Ref 600.3726 ARC)

Dhurringile Pupils' register State Primary School No. 3944, Years 1917-2000 (Dhurringile)(SFHG location: Ref 600.3610 DHU) Dookie Dookie Agricultural College (historical records donated by Ed Willmott) (SFHG location: Ref 600.3645)

Dookie Primary School No.1527.  List of pupils 1905-1988.   Head Teachers 1872-1988 (SFHG Location: REF 600.3646 DOO)

Pupil's Register State Primary School Currawa (Dookie College) School 3907, 1915 - 1995 (SFHG location: REF 600.3646 CUR)

Echuca Index of the Echuca Technical School Register of Female Enrolments (SFHG location: 600.3564 IND) Girgarre East A School on the wide plain, A History of the Girgarre East School No 1732 compiled by Grace Conley (SFHG location: 600.3624 CON) Gowangardie and Caniambo State School No.2230 Gowangardie and Caniambo 1880-1980 (SFHG location: 600.3669 STA) Harston Harston Primary School 1874-1999 (SFHG location: 600.3616 HAR) Karramomus Karramomus North State School No.2055 1907-1972 Register, Index and Inventory (SFHG location: Ref 600.36 KAR) Katandra Katandra State School No 1965 Records from 1907-1961 (School closed) (SFHG location: Ref 600.3634 KAT) Katandra West, Victoria

          Katandra West Primary School No.4401.  Pupils' Register . Also notes on the school (SFHG location: REF 600.3646)

          Katandra West Primary School No.4401.  75th anniversary celebrations, Incorporating the amalgamated schools of Katandra State School No.1965 Marungi State School No.2236 Marionvale 2525 Youanmite South 3753 Invergordon South 4497   (SFHG location: 600.3634)


Rudd, Ada Katamatite East Primary School 3665, 1910-1985 (SFHG location: 600.3649 RUD)

Rudd, Ada Katamatite  School 2069, 125th Anniversary 2003 (SFHG location: 600.3649 RUD)

Katunga Pupils' Register State Primary School Katunga South 2269 1950-1994 (SFHG location: Ref 600.364 KAT) Kialla Centenary Kialla Primary School (SFHG location: 600.3631 CEN)

Kialla Primary School 125th Anniversary (SFHG location: 600.3631 KIA)

Kialla West Primary School Centenary 1876-1976 (SFHG location 600.3613 CEN)

Kialla State School No.1366 and Kialla West Primary School No 1727 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3631 KIA)

Lemnos Pupils' Register State Primary School 4269 Lemnos 1961-1982 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3631 LEM)

Brady, Elsie Lemnos looks back School Diamond Jubilee 1927-1987 (SFHG location: 600.3631 BRA)

Longwood Pupils' register State Primary Schools, Longwood East No.367 and Longwood No.2707 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3665 PUP)

Melbourne , Victoria

Zainududdin, Ailsa G. Thomson  They dreamt of a school - A Centenary History of Methodist Ladies College , Kew .  1882-1982 (SFHG location: 600.3101 ZAI)

Merrigum Merrigum School Centenary 1877-1977 (SFHG location: 600.3618 MER)

Pupil's Register State Primary School Merrigum No.1874 1877-2000 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3618 MER)

Millewa District Schools , 1923-1985 Reunions and Unbagging of School Discs 025-7-85 (SFHG Location: 600.35 KEL)

Mooroopna Mooroopna North Primary School No 1612, 1875-1975 History (SFHG location: 600.3629 MOO)

Mooroopna North  Primary School No 1612, Admission dates 1875-1998 (SFHG location: 600.3629 NOR)

Mooroopna North Primary School No 1612, 125th Anniversary 1875-2000 (SFHG location: 600.3629 MOO)

Mooroopna North Primary School No.1612 - photos   (SFHG location: REF 600.3629 MOO)

Pupils' Register State Primary School No.1432 Mooroopna Feb 1965-1970 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3629 PUP)

Reflections. A History of Mooroopna High School and Mooroopna Secondary College 1972-1997 25th Anniversary (SFHG location: 600.3629 REF)

Mundoona Mundoona State School 1775 and Mundoona North 2692 History (SFHG location: Ref 600.3635 MUN) Murchison

          Adams, Geoff Service and sacrifice: history of the Murchison sub branch of the R.S.L  (SFHG Location: 640.3610 ADA )

Pupils' Register State Primary School Murchison No.1126 1906-2000 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3610 MUR)

Finlay, Warwick  The Doctor, the Captain, the Poet and others.  Commemorating 150 years of Murchison Township  (SFHG location: 320.361 FIN)

Gregory K, D. Pearson, and W. Stewart   From Protectorate to Premier Small Town .  A brief history of Murchison 1840-1985, Murchison Primary School 1860-1985, prepared "for Back to Murchison" 1985  (SFHG location: 320.3610 FRO)


Numurkah Primary School No. 2134, 125th Anniversary 1879 - 2004 (SFHG Location: 600.3636 NUM)

Orrvale Orrvale State School Registers, Index and History 1914 - 31/1/1995 (SFHG location: 600.3630 ORR) Pine Lodge Memories of Pine Lodge School No. 2099, 1878-1995 (SFHG location: 600.3631 MEM)

Pupils' Register State Primary School Pine Lodge No.2099 1878-1914 and 1955-1995, Formerly Pine Lodge West (SFHG location: Ref 600.3631 MEM)

St Germains Rathbone, George The first One Hundred Years of History of St. Germains State School No 1555. 1875-1975 (SFHG location: 600.3629) Shepparton Bourchier Street Primary School Register and Index Admission Dates 8.4.1957 - 24.11.1997 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3630 BOU)

Fryers Street State School, Shepparton No.1469 Pupil Register Feb 1913-Jan 1927, July 1929-Mar 1957 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3630 FRY)

Goulburn Valley Grammar School - Full Flight '94 (SFHG location: 600.3630 GOU)

Agricultural High School Shepparton Admissions 1909 to 1917, 1917 to 1924 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3630 SHE)

Shepparton High School Pupil Register 1923-1950 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3630 SHE)

Martindale, H.G. The Story of the Shepparton High School published 1946 (SFHG location: 600.3630 MAR)

From Mr Chips to Microchips. The High School Shepparton 1909-1984 (SFHG location: 600.3630 MIC)

Goulburnia Shepparton High School magazines (SFHG location: 600.3630 GOU)

Shepparton Park Primary School Register and index 1906-1952 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3630 SHE)

Jubilee History: Shepparton Technical College 1953-1978 (SFHG location 600.3630 JUB)

Shepparton Technical School Composite Roll 1953-1972 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3630 SHE)

Shepparton Technical School Composite List of school council, teachers, office, cleaners, etc 1953-1972 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3630 SHE)

St Colman's College Magazine 1976 to 1981(SFHG location: 600.3630 STC)

St. Colman's College rolls 1974-1983  (SFHG location: REF 600.3630 STC)

Morvell, Stewart "Bill" History of St Brendan's Primary School 1891-1991 (SFHG location 600.3630 MOR)

125 Years of the Shepparton East Primary School No 1713, 1876-2001 (SFHG location: 600.3631 SHE)

St Georges Road Primary School No.4666, Shepparton. Index to pupil register from 1976-1994 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3630 STG)

Shepparton East School No.1713  Pupils' Register 1876-2004  (SFHG location: REF 600.3631 SHE)

Tabilk , Victoria

Davey John H. Tabilk, Brief History SS No 951 and Early District; 1868 - 1968  (SFHG Location: 600.3607 TAB)

Tallygaroopna Tallygaroopna School Register and Tallygaroopna West School Register (SFHG location: Ref 600.3634 TAL) Tamleugh Tamleugh North State School No.2453 School Reports and Inspectors' Reports (SFHG location: Ref 600.3669 TAM) Tatura

      Achieving together: history of the Tatura Primary School 1874 to 1995  (SFHG Location: 600.3616 COM)

One hundred years of love and learning. Centenary of the Sisters of Mercy and Catholic Education at Sacred Heart School and St. Mary's College, Tatura 1900 - 2000  (SFHG Location: 600.3616 COM)

Pupils' Register of the State Primary School Tatura East 1674 (formerly Toolamba West and Toolamba Central) (SFHG location: Ref 600.3616 PUP)      


Toolamba West and Toolamba Central) (SFHG location: Ref 600.3616 PUP)

From Chock and Log to Roll Top. Toolamba South, Toolamba West 1885-1985 (SFHG location: 600.3614 FRO)

Toolamba State School No.1455 1887-1892, 1910-1955 (SFHG location: REF 600.3614)

Toolamba State School No.1455  Inspector's reports on pupils 1875-1900, 1904-1916 and Index "Heart of the Valley" by Stewart "Bill" Morvell (SFHG location: REF 600.3614)

Toolamba West (South) Primary School No.2728 1923-1983 (School closed 1993) and index only "Heart of the Valley" by Stewart "Bill" Morvell (SFHG location: REF 600.3614)

Tungamah Tungamah Primary School No.2225 Odd registrations  (SFHG location: Ref 600.3728 TUN)

Harrison, Lee Triple two five - Memories of Tungamah Primary School (SFHG location: 600.3728 HAR)

Undera 1876-1976 The Centenary History of Undera State School and District (SFHG location: 600.3629 EIG)

Pupil Register of the State Primary School at Undera No 1771 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3629 UND)

Violet Town Violet Town Cemetery - a compilation of records (SFHG location: Ref 180.3669 VIO) Waaia Waaia Primary School No. 2986 Centenary 1890-1990 (SFHG location: 600.3637 WAA) Waggarandall Waggarandall West State School 4078 Commemorative Day 24 May 1992 (SFHG location: 600.3646 WAG)


Growing up in Wunghnu - a collection of memories of the students of Wunghnu Primary School from 1895 to 2002 Wunghnu Primary School   (SFHG location: 600.3635 WUN)

Yalca Yalca South Primary School Centenary 1880-1990 (SFHG location: 600.3646 YAL)

Yalca South Primary School No.2198. 1905-1926 and 1952-1993 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3646 YAL)

Youanmite Youanmite Primary School, the Years to 1989 (SFHG location: 600.3646 YOU)

Youanmite State School No.3641 - School Records (SFHG location: Ref 600.3646 YOU)

Pupils' Register of the Youanmite South State School No.3953. 1918-1964 (SFHG location: 600.3646 YOU)

Schools: Youarang No.1923, Youanmite No.2393, Youanmite South No.3953, Katandra North No.2192 (

          Pupils' Register State Primary School Zeerust No.4359, 1928-2003 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3646 ZEE) formerly Dunbulbalane) (SFHG location: Ref 600.3646 SCH)

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