Pioneer Registers                                            Back to (Holdings Index)....(SFHG Home Page) Searching for Mary Ann: Researching Women Ancestors in Australia, Lenore Frost  (SFHG location: 560 FRO)

Lea-Scarlett, Errol Roots and Branches - Ancestry for Australians  (SFHG Location: 560 LEA)

Australian Families: a genealogical and biographical record, Alexander Henderson  (SFHG location: REF 100 HEN)

Smee, Dr C.J. The 1788-1820 Association's Pioneer Register 2nd Edition Vol.1(SFHG location: Ref 100 SME)

Cohuna Cohuna and District Pioneers Pre 1900 by Cohuna Historical Society (SFHG location: 100.3568 COH) Colac
          Downard, Sandra, Lyn Hulm & Kevin Swanson compiled by Colac and District Pioneer Register pre 1900,  (SFHG location: 100.3250 COL)

Deakin Shire

Tongala Family History Group Wagon Wheels to Water Wheels Pre 1925 (SFHG location: 100.3621 WAG) Echuca Pioneers of the Echuca and Moama District pre 1925 compiled by the members of the Echuca Genealogical Society (SFHG location: 100.3564 PIO)

Pioneers of the Echuca and Moama District, pre 1900, pre 1925, pre 1940, compiled by the Echuca Genealogical Society Inc (SFHG location:  100.3564 PIO)

Griffith Griffith and District Pioneers - a Biographical Register. Series 2 (SFHG location: 100.2860 GRI) Inverloch
          Deakin, Norman R for the Inverloch Historical Society Inverloch and District Identities and Pioneers (SFHG location: 320.3996 INV)


Pioneers of Nathalia and District Book 2 (SFHG location: 320.3638 PIP)

Pioneers of Nathalia and District Book 3 (pre 1900) (SFHG location: 320.3638 PIP)

Pioneers of Nathalia and District Book 4 (pre 1925 (SFHG location: 320.3638 PIP)

Pioneers of Nathalia and District Book 5 (SFHG location: 320.3638 PIP)

Numurkah Treasured Memories of Yesterday Residents of Numurkah Pioneers Lodge and Volunteers attending "Baringa" day program share their real life experiences as they recall the past. (SFHG location: 240 TRE) Port Phillip Pioneer Profiles, Volume 1, A Port Phillip Pioneers Project (SFHG location: 100.3 PIO)

Pioneer Profiles, Volume 2, A Port Phillip Pioneers Project (SFHG location: 100.3 PIO)

Pioneer Profiles, Volume 3, A Port Phillip Pioneers Project (SFHG location: 100.3 PIO)

Sullivan, Martin Men and Women of Port Phillip (SFHG location: 320.3 SUL)


          Early Families of Shepparton and District (SFHG location: 100.3630 EAR)

Early Families of Shepparton and District Book 2 (SFHG location: 100.3630 EAR)

Shepparton Pioneer and Early Families Register A-Z (SFHG location: Ref 100 SHE)

South Australia

          Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-1885 (microfiche)

          South Australians 1836-1885 (SFHG location: Ref 100.5 SOU)


Down, Harold P Pioneers of Upotipotpon (1866-1966) with Special Reference to the Ballintine Family (SFHG location: 100.3636 DOW)

Victoria , Au stralia

Argus Index 1855-1859 S.L.V. (microfiche)

Argus Passenger Index 1852-1855 - Victorian Shipping (microfiche)

Argus Shipping Movements 1852-1855 (microfiche)

      Births in the District of Caniambo March1888- February 1894 (SFHG location: 200.3631 BIR)

Blake, Les Place Names of Victoria (microfiche)

Church of Christ Marriages 1919-1984

Crown land licenses Victoria 1856 (CD)

Death Index 1921-1985 (CD)

Divorce Index of Victoria 1861-1900 (CD)

Federation Index 1889-1901 (CD)

Edwardian Index 1902-1913 (CD)

      Haines, Gregory A history of Pharmacy in Victoria (SFHG location: 320.3 HAI)

Great War Index 1914-1920 (microfiche)

Houston, L.G. Ministers of Water Supply in Victoria (SFHG location: 300 HOU)

Immigration to Victoria - Index to Inward Passenger Lists Foreign Ports 1852-1859, 1860-1869 (microfiche)

Index to Children in Victorian Institutions 1860-63 (microfiche)

Inquest Index 1840-1985 (CD)

James and Elizabeth Dainton (SFHG location: 100 JAM)

Marine Births, Deaths & Marriages 1853-1920 (CD)

      Missing Friends in the Victorian Police Gazette 1880-1885 (microfiche)

      North East Victoria - Family Histories (SFHG location: 560 NOR)

Pioneer Index 1836-1888 (CD)

Probate Index 1841-1992 (microfiche)

Sands and McDougalls directory of Victoria 1830 (SFHG location: Ref 440.3 SAN)

Shennan, M. Rosalyn Personal Information from the Victorian Government Gazettes 1851-1855 (SFHG location: 300.3 SHE)

Victoria and Its Metropolis Vol. 1 & 2 Includes index (microfiche)

Victorian Early Church Records B.D.M. 1837-1853 (microfiche)

Victorian Births 1853-1913 (microfiche)

Victorian Deaths 1854-1980 (microfiche)

Victorian Marriages 1853-1930 (microfiche)

Victorian Railway Employees 19th Century (microfiche)     

Victoria Police Gazette 1855  (CD)Waaia, Victoria

Waaia Primary School No. 2986 Centenary 1890-1990 (SFHG location: 600.3637 WAA)


Waanyarra (Jones Creek) Cemetery (headstones) (SFHG location: REF 180.3551 WAA)

Wagga Wagga, NSW

Wagga Wagga Monumental Cemetery - Anglican (SFHG Location: WAG)

Wagga Wagga Monumental Cemetery , (SFHG location: REF 180.2651 WAG)

Wagga Wagga Lawn Cemetery Vol 1, Burials 10 Aug 1971 - 30 June 2001 (SFHG location: REF 180.2651 WAG)

Wagga Wagga Lawn Cemetery Vol 1, 11 Aug 1971 - 31 Aug 2001 Volume 2 Cremations (SFHG location: REF 180.2651 WAG)

Wangaratta , Victoria

            Callenders - Dookie, Wangaratta (SFHG location: 100.3646 CAL )

Waranga , Victoria

            Hammond, Joyce History of the Waranga Basin (SFHG location: 320.3 HAM)

            Waranga Conservation Study 1988 Vol. 4 (SFHG location: 320.3612 WAR)


Wattville Football club - minutes, players, etc 1911-1922 (SFHG location: Ref 240.33646 WAT)

Waverley , Victoria

Waverley Historical Society, Waverley , Past and Present 1988 (SFHG location: 320.3150 WAV)

Western Australia , Australia

Albany Shipping Interstate 1873-1924 (microfiche)

Lonely Graves of Western Australia and Burials at Sea by Yvonne and K. Coate (SFHG location: 180 COA)

Pioneers Index 1841-1905 (CD)

Western Australian Nineteenth Century Newspaper Births (microfiche)

Western Australian Nineteenth Century Newspaper Deaths (microfiche)

Western Australian Nineteenth Century Newspaper Marriages (microfiche)

Argus, Harry Joseph The Forgotten pioneers of the Eastern Goldfields, Kalgoorlie , 1999  180.64 ARG

Western Australian Cemetery records: Australian Burial Records, Cookernup, Harvey, Springhill.  (SFHG Location: 180.62WA)

Wickepin , WA

Wickepin Cemetery - WA (SFHG location: Ref 180.6370 WIC)

Whroo , Victoria

Hammond, Joyce The Golden Years of Rushworth and Whroo (SFHG location: 640.3636 HAM)

Whroo Cemetery - Register and Tombstones (SFHG location: 180.3612 WHR)

Wodonga , Victoria

Wodonga (Belvior) Cemetery records 1861 - 1939 (SFHG Location: Ref 180.3690 WOD)     

Wunghu , Victoria

Wunghu Football Club Celebrating 110 Years of Football 1885-1995 (SFHG location: 240.3635 WUN)

Growing up in Wunghnu - a collection of memories of the students of Wunghnu Primary School from 1895 to 2002 Wunghnu Primary School   (SFHG location: 600.3635 WUN)

Yalca North , Victoria

A Centenary of Cricket at Yalca North 2000 (SFHG location: 240.3636 CEN)

Yalca South , Victoria

Yalca South Primary School Centenary 1880-1990 (SFHG location: 600.3646 YAL)

Yalca South Primary School No.2198 1905-1926 and 1952-1993 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3646 YAL)

Yarrawonga , Victoria

Voters Roll Shire of Yarrawonga for year ending July 1880, Western Riding Shire of Yarrawonga for year ending July 1884  (SFHG location: REF 380.3730 VOT)

Yea, Victoria

Yea Cemetery Victoria Headstone - inscriptions 1860-1999, complied by Alan Thornley  (microfiche)  

Youanmite , Victoria

Youanmite Primary School , the Years to 1989 (SFHG location: 600.3646 YOU)

Schools: Youarang No.1923, Youanmite No.2393, Youanmite South No.3953, Katandra North No.2192 (formerly Dunbulbalane) (SFHG location: Ref 600.3646 SCH)

Youanmite State School No.3641 - School Records (SFHG location: Ref 600.3646 YOU)

Pupils' Register of the Youanmite South State School No.3953.  1918-1964 (SFHG location: 600.3646 YOU)


Pupils' Register State Primary School Zeerust No.4359, 1928-2003 (SFHG location: Ref 600.3646 ZEE)

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