Microfiche Records                                 Back to (Holdings Index)....(SFHG Home Page) Albany Shipping Interstate 1873-1924 (microfiche)

Alphabetical Townland Index Ireland 1861 (microfiche)

Argus Index 1855-1859 S.L.V. (microfiche)

Argus Passenger Index 1852-1855 - Victorian Shipping (microfiche)

Argus Shipping Movements 1852-1855 (microfiche)

Australian Local and Family Histories - consolidated Surname Index  (microfiche)
Australian (Victoria) list of teachers 1882-83 (microfiche)

          Ballarat Cemetery (microfiche)

          Ballarat Base Hospital Admissions 1856-1913(microfiche)

Bendigo Benevolent Asylum Index 1860-1941 (microfiche)

Bendigo Regional Cemeteries Index - Northern Districts (microfiche)

Bendigo Regional Cemeteries Index - Southern Districts (microfiche)

Bendigo Transcriptions Index 1858-1992 (microfiche)

Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-1885 (microfiche)

Coastal Passengers to Port Phillip 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1845 (microfiche)

          Coburg Cemetery funeral service deceased listing as at 31.03.1998 (microfiche)

          Coburg funeral service location print (microfiche)

Colonial Secretary's correspondence letters sent re convicts 3rd January 1843-18th May 1855 (microfiche)           Convicts and Exiles transported from Ireland (microfiche)

           Directory of Argyleshire 1837 (microfiche)

          Divorce Index Victoria 1861-1900 (microfiche)

Donolly Hospital admission register 1860-1900 (microfiche)

Eaglehawk monumental transcriptions 1864-1991 (microfiche)

Funeral Notices from Shepparton News 1995-1999 (microfiche)

I.G.I. 1988 Ireland, Scotland (Aberdeen, Caithness, Fife, Lanark, Perth), At Sea, Australian Miscellaneous, China Miscellaneous (microfiche)

          I.G.I. 1992 All England and Scotland (microfiche)

          Immigration to Victoria - Index to Inward Passenger Lists Foreign Ports 1852-1859, 1860-1869 (microfiche)

          Index to Children in Victorian Institutions 1860-63 (microfiche)

          Index to Unclaimed Letters at the Melbourne G.P.O. (microfiche)

          Kangaroo Flat Monumental Transcriptions 1853-1991 (microfiche)

          Kyneton Cemetery Headstones includes Index (microfiche)

          Maryborough and District Hospital Admissions 1855-1907 (microfiche)

          Missing Friends in the Victorian Police Gazette 1880-1885 (microfiche)

          Old Melbourne Cemetery Register 1866-1917 (microfiche)

           N.S.W. Convict Indents Index 1788-1842 (microfiche)

Numurkah Leader Jan 1990 - Dec 1999 (microfiche)

Packenham Cemetery, Victoria 1863-1999 (microfiche)

Place Names of Victoria, Les Blake (microfiche)

Ports 1852-1859 (microfiche)

Shepparton News 1960-61, 1962-63, 1964-65 Jan 1968- Dec 1969 (microfiche)

Shipping - Immigration to Victoria - Index to inward passenger lists Foreign

South Australian Burial Register (Moota, Kadina, Wallaroo) (microfiche)

South Australian Records Prior to 1841 (microfiche)

 South Australian Births 1842-1970 (microfiche)

Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-1885 (microfiche)

Swan Hill Burials 1st April 1859 - 31st March 1889 (microfiche)

         Tasmania Pioneer Index 1803-1899 (microfiche)

          Tasmania Births Index 1900-1905 (microfiche)

          Tasmania Deaths Index 1900-1914, 1915-1919 (microfiche)

          Tasmania Marriage Index 1900-1914, 1915-1919 (microfiche)

Tasmania - Unassisted Immigrants and Coastal Passengers Hobart 1829-1865 (microfiche)

Tasmania - Index of assisted Immigrants into Tasmania Index 1841-1889 (microfiche)

Tasmania - Index of births 1900-1905 (microfiche)

Tasmania - Index of deaths 1900-1914, 1915-1919 (microfiche)

Tasmania - Index of marriages 1900-1914, 1915-1919 (microfiche)

Tasmania Pioneer Index 1803-1899 (microfiche)

Tatura Guardian Index  1978-1980, 1981-1982, 1983-1984, Jan 1997- Dec 1998 (microfiche)

Tickets of Leave and Certificates of Freedom 1840-51(microfiche)

Treble Almanack  1803 Wilson's Dublin Directory, English Registry of Lists, Watson's Gentlemen's and Citizens Almanack (microfiche)
Vicar General Marriage License Index 1800-1825, 1826-1850 (microfiche)

          Victoria and Its Metropolis Vol. 1 & 2 Includes index (microfiche)

          Victorian Early Church Records B.D.M. 1837-1853 (microfiche)

          Victorian Births 1853-1913 (microfiche)

Victorian Deaths 1854-1980 (microfiche)

Victorian Deserters from ships Index 1853-1880 (microfiche)

Victorian Marriages 1853-1930 (microfiche)

          Victoria Great War Index 1914-1920 (microfiche)

          Victoria Probate Index 1841-1992 (microfiche)

          Victorian Crown Grantees Index 1838 - to present day (microfiche)

          Western Australian Nineteenth Century Newspaper Births (microfiche)

          Western Australian Nineteenth Century Newspaper Deaths (microfiche)

          Western Australian Nineteenth Century Newspaper Marriages (microfiche)

          White Hills Monumental Transcriptions 1853-1992 (microfiche)

          Yea Cemetery Victoria Headstone - inscriptions 1860-1999, compiled by Alan Thornley  (microfiche)


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