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Argus Shipping Movements 1852-1855 (microfiche)

Immigration to Victoria - Index to Inward Passenger Lists Foreign Ports 1852-1859, 1860-1869 (microfiche)

          Index of Assisted Immigrants into Tasmania 1841-1889 (microfiche) Unassisted Immigrants and Coastal Passengers Hobart, Tasmania 1829-1865 (microfiche)

Coastal Passengers to Port Phillip 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1845 (microfiche)

          McClelland, James A History of Ireland and Guide to Tracing Convicts and Immigrants who came from Ireland (SFHG location: 320.9 MAC:C)

Overseas and Interstate Arrivals Port Phillip 1846-1847Indexed by Florence Chuk (SFHG location: Ref 380 OVE)

Holt, Colin S 'No Sirs or Esquires'. The Story of assisted Emigration from Cambridgeshire to Port Phillip and Victoria 1840-1867 (SFHG location: 620 HOL)

Parsons, Ronald Migrant Ships for South Australia, 1836-1866  (SFHG location: 620 PAR)

Public Records Office of Victoria Coming South - Victorian Archives of Immigration 1839-1923 A Guide (SFHG location: 620 PUB)

McClelland, James Names of Convicts and Immigrant Ships Known to me Arriving Australia 1788 to 1899 Book 17 (SFHG location: 620.1 MAC:C)

          Chuk, Florence The Somerset Years (SFHG location: 620.3 CHU)

          Nicholson, Ian Log or Logs Vol.2, Vol.3 (SFHG location: Ref 620 NIC)

Syme, Martin A Shipping Arrivals and Departures Victorian Ports Vol.2 1846-1855 (SFHG location: Ref 620 SYM)

Overseas and Interstate Arrivals Port Phillip 1846-1847 (SFHG location: Ref 620.3 OVE)

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