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    The Almonds district 1882-1982  (SFHG location: 320.363ALM)

    Barnes, John and Andrew Furphy,  Furphy.  The water cart and the word  (SFHG location: 320.3630 BAR)

Best, Alleyn The History of the Municipal Employees Union in Victoria 1885-1985 (SFHG location: 320.3 BES)

          Blainey, Geoffrey The Rush that never Ended (SFHG location: 320 BLA) Brent, Bern My Berlin Suitcase - Memories of a Childhood (SFHG location: 100 BRE)

Cinema record, Issue 9, Aug 1995. Australian Centenary of Cinema (SFHG location: 320.3630 CIN)

Curr, Edward M. Recollections of squatting in Victoria   (SFHG location: 320.3 CUR)

Emmett, Frank Hamilton, The Mafeking Gold Rush (SFHG location: 100 EMM)

Faull, Jim Cornish Heritage - A Miner's Story (SFHG location: 100 FAU)

Finlay, Warwick  The Doctor, the Captain, the Poet and othersCommemorating 150 years of Murchison Township  (SFHG location: 320.361 FIN)

Fulton, Alexander Scotland and her Tartans (SFHG location: 320.9 FUL)

"Greenock" Recollections of Myra Grace McCormack, nee Sidebottom (SFHG location: 100.3630 McC)

          Haines, Gregory A history of Pharmacy in Victoria (SFHG location: 320.3 HAI)

          Hammond, Joyce History of the Waranga Basin (SFHG location: 320.3 HAM)

          Heaton, JH The Bedside Book of Colonial Doings (SFHG location: 320 HEA)

          History of Postal Services in Victoria, (SFHG location: 320.3 HIS)

    Hotels and hotel keepers (folder) (SFHG Location: Ref 140.36 HOT)   

    Hospitals and doctors of Shepparton and Mooroopna (folder) (SFHG Location:  Ref 320.36 HOS)

          Houston, L.G. Ministers of Water Supply in Victoria (SFHG location: 300 HOU)

          Jacobs, J. W. Let them be admitted. History of the Royal Freemasons Homes in Victoria  (SFHG Location: 240 JAC)

          Kearns, RHB  Broken Hill 1894-1914 Vol.2.  The Uncertain Years  (SFHG location: 320.2880)

Korzelinski, Seweryn Memoirs of Gold-Digging in Australia

Massola, Aldo Aboriginal mission stations in Victoria (SFHG Location: 220 MAS)

McClelland, James A History of the Mid South Coast of NSW (Convict, Pioneer and Immigrant Series of Australia) (SFHG location: 320.1 MACC)

McClelland, James History of NSW 1728-1986 (Convict, Pioneer and Immigrant Series of Australia) (SFHG location: 320.2 MACC)

McClelland, James Pioneers of Newcastle, NSW (SFHG location: 320.2300 MACC)

McClelland, James A History of Ireland and Guide to Tracing Convicts and Immigrants Who Came from Ireland (SFHG location: 320.9 MAC:C)

McCallum, Austin A History of Ballarat Libraries (SFHG location: 320.3550 MAC)

Musical shows (folder) (SFHG Location: 320.36 MUS)

Mundy, Henry The Land of their Adoption - Henry Mundy's Diary from 1838-1857 Published by A.D. Reid (SFHG location: 320 MUN)

          Park, Ruth The Sydney We Love (SFHG location: 140 PAR) Peter, Edwin Francis A Gold Digger's Diaries (SFHG location: 100.3 PET)

Reade, Eric Australian Silent Films. A Pictorial History 1896-1929(SFHG location: 285.1 REA

Rutherford, Andrew  The Victoria story, Vol. 2 (SFHG Location: 320.3 RUT)

Shaw A.G.L. Gipps-La Trobe Correspondence 1839-1846 (indexed) (SFHG location: 100.3 GIP)

Streetscape - Early Architecture in the Shepparton Region (SFHG location: 070.3630)

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