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        My Ancestors were in the Salvation Army, Ray Wiggins  (SFHG location: 220 WIG)

        Allen, Maree G The Labourers'friends - a history of the Sisters of Mercy in Victoria and Tasmania (SFHG Location: 320 ALL)

Bendigo, Victoria

       St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Bendigo - Baptism Index 1903 - 1925, Marriage Index 1859 - 1925 (microfiche)

       St Paul's Anglican Cathedral, Bendigo .  Baptism Index 1865-1930.  Marriage Index 1869-1945 (microfiche)

Dookie, Victoria

Dookie Parish - Centenary of Anglican Services, St Luke's Church, Dookie 1892-1992 (SFHG location: 220.3646 DOO)

St Mary's Parish, Dookie 1890-1990 (SFHG location: 220.3646 St M)

Echuca , Victoria

     Cole, Keith  A History of Christ Church , Echuca, 1865 - 1990  (SFHG location: 320.3564 COL )

Gippsland , Victoria

      Great faithfulness - a centenary publication of the Diocese of Gippsland 1902 - 2002 (SFHG Location: 220.3 GRE)

Goulburn Valley,Victoria Ford, Myrtle The Methodist Church in the Goulburn Valley 1873-1977(SFHG location: 220.3630 FOR) Kialla West, Victoria

          Kialla West Uniting Church Centenary, Mar 11th, 1884 (SFHG location: 220.3613 KIA)

Naring, Victoria

          Naringaningalook "Meeting of Many Waters".  by Naring Church Centenary and District "Back To" Committee (SFHG location: 320.3646 NAR)

Shepparton, Victoria

          Alder, Pauline The Pauls in Shepparton (SFHG location: 100.3630 ALD)

Building all Together For God, A Short History of the Shepparton Baptist Church 1882-1982 (SFHG location: 220.3630 BUI)

Jubilee Year of Shepparton Presbyterian Charge (SFHG location: 220.3630 JUB)

Morvell, Bill History of the Society of St Vincent De Paul: St Brendan's Shepparton (SFHG location: 220.3630 MOR)

Morvell, Bill The new Rush: The History of St Brendan's Parish Shepparton 1880-1980 (SFHG location: 220.3630 MOR)

Saint Augustine's Shepparton 1882-1982 (SFHG location: 220.3630 SAI)

St Colman-s College Magazine 1976 to 1981(SFHG location: 600.3630 STC)

St Mel's Parish, Shepparton 1955-1980 (SFHG location: 220.3630 SAI)

Scots' Church Shepparton 110th Anniversary 1998 Reflections by Pat Smith (SFHG Location 220.3630 SCO)

Shepparton Church of Christ 1881-1981 (SFHG location: 220.3630 SHE)

Church of Christ Marriages 1919-1984 Shepparton (SFHG location 380.3630 CHU )

          Wesley Church Shepparton Members Rolls 1916-1993 (SFHG location: Wesley Church Shepparton Circuit Baptisms register and index 23/3/1905 - 1/4/1951 and 12/8/1951 - 4/12/1966 (SFHG location: Ref 220.3630 WES)

Wesley Church Shepparton Circuit Marriage Index 1963-1974 and list of ministers, Indexed by brides and grooms (SFHG location: Ref 220.3630 WES)

Shepparton East, Victoria St Martin-s 1914-1952 - History of the Anglican Church in Shepparton East (SFHG location: 220.3631 SAI) Tallygaroopna, Victoria Kerr, Isabel Tallygaroopna Presbyterian Church - a History (SFHG location: 220.3634 KER) Tatura, Victoria

          Evans, Eric Percy  The First decade, 1880 - 1890: All Saints Church of England , Tatura  (SFHG Location: 220.3616 EVA)    

Sullivan, Geoff A History of the Sacred Heart Parish of Tatura 1889-1989 (SFHG location: 220.3616 SUL)

Solving the mystery - Tatura, Toolamba North, Junction Church (Baldwinsville),Byrneside : The birth of Catholicism in Tatura  (SFHG Location: 220.36 COM)

Tocumwal,NSW Thompson, Greg "You are Peter": a History of St. Peter's Parish Church, Tocumwal 4 May 1890 - 4 May 1990 (SFHG location: 220.2714 THO) Wangaratta, Victoria Holden, Colin Church in a Landscape: a history of the Diocese of Wangaratta (SFHG location: 220.3 HOL)

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