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New South Wales
          Deniliquin Lawn Cemetery transcriptions 1977-1999 including Children's Cemeteries and Rose Garden and War Cemetery (SFHG location: Ref 180.271 DEN)

          Finley General & Lawn Cemetery 1913-2001 Transcriptions (SFHG location: REF 180.2713 FIN)

          Jerilderie Cemetery, Riverina, N.S.W. including Lawn, General and Cremation Memorials, compiled by Chriss Gapps   (SFHG location: REF 180.2716  JER)

          Macquarie Park Cemetery Transcriptions (formerly Northern Suburbs Cemetery) (CD)

          Mathoura & District Cemeteries, including Mathoura Lawn Cemetery, Mathoura Private Cemetery, Womboota Bush Cemetery, Mathoura Pioneer Cemetery (SFHG location: REF 180.2710)

          Rookwood Cemetery Transcriptions 1867 - 1992  (CD)

          Wagga Wagga Monumental Cemetery, (SFHG location: REF 180.2651 WAG)

          Wagga wagga Lawn Cemetery Vol 1, Burials 10 Aug 1971 - 30 June 2001 (SFHG location: REF 180.2651 WAG)

          Wagga Wagga Lawn Cemetery Vol 1, 11 Aug 1971 - 31 Aug 2001 Volume 2 Cremations (SFHG location: REF 180.2651 WAG)
          The Parramatta Cemeteries - St Johns, by Judithe Dunn (SFHG Location: Ref 180.2150 PAR)

          Sydney Burial Ground 1819 -1901, Keith A Johnson and Malcolm R Sainty (SFHG Location:180.2 SYD)

          Wagga Wagga Cemetery (SFHG Location: Ref 180.2651)

          Wagga Wagga Monumental Cemetery - Anglican (SFHG Location: WAG)

South Australia

          Burial Register (Moota, Kadina, Wallaroo) (microfiche)


          Amherst/Talbot 1853-1870 Deaths, Burials and Inquests (SFHG location: 180.3371 AMH)

          Ballarat Cemetery (microfiche)

          Barooga General Cemetery 1901 - 2005, Transcriptions and burials (SFHG Location: Ref 180.3644 BAR)

Bendigo Regional Cemeteries Index - Northern Districts (microfiche)

Bendigo Regional Cemeteries Index - Southern Districts (microfiche)

Index to Bendigo Transcriptions 1858-1992 (microfiche)

Berrigan General and Lawn Cemetery transcriptions, compiled by Valerie Hardman  (SFHG location: Ref 180.2712 JER)

          Coburg Cemetery funeral service deceased listing as at 31.03.1998 (microfiche)

          Coburg funeral service location print (microfiche)

Cohuna Cemetery - Headstones and Register (SFHG location: Ref 180.3568 COH)

Corop Cemetery Burial Registry (SFHG location: Ref 180.3612 COR)

Corop Cemetery (see also Rochester Cemetery)

Deniliquin Lawn Cemetery transcriptions 1977-1999 including Children's Cemeteries and Rose Garden and War Cemetery (SFHG location: Ref 180.271 DEN)

Dookie, Cashel and Gowangardie Cemeteries (SFHG location: Ref 180.3646 DOO)

The Glen Wills (East Gippsland) and Katyil (Dimboola) Cemeteries (SFHG Location: REF 180 GLE)

          Eaglehawk monumental transcriptions 1864-1991 (microfiche) German War Cemetery, Tatura 1914-1918, 1939-1945 (SFHG location: Ref 180.3616 TOO)

Knee, Arthur German War Cemetery (SFHG Location: 180.3608 GRA)

Gisborne Cemetery 1857-1991 (SFHG location: Ref 180.3437 GIS)

          Graytown Public Cemetery Memorials (SFHG location: Ref 180.3608 GRA)

          Kangaroo Flat Monumental Transcriptions 1853-1991 (microfiche)

Katamatite Cemetery Memorial Headstones (SFHG location: Ref 180.3649 KAT)

Katandra Cemetery Records (SFHG location: Ref 180.3634 KAT)

Kialla West Cemetery 1877-1985 Transcriptions (SFHG location: Ref 180.3612 KIA)

          Kyneton Cemetery Headstones includes Index (microfiche)

          Longwood Cemetery Register 1894-1902 (SFHG location: Ref 180.3665 LON)

          Old Melbourne Cemetery Register 1866-1917 (microfiche)

          Moliagul Cemetery (Dunolly District) Names and Dates from Headstones 2003 (SFHG Location: 180.3472 MOL)

Mooroopna Cemetery Memorials and Register (SFHG location: Ref 180.3629 SHE)

Murchison Cemetery Memorials 1870 to July 1999 (SFHG location: 180.361 MUR)

          Numurkah Lawn Cemetery Memorials (SFHG location: Ref 180.3636 NUM)

          Numurkah Cemetery Memorial Headstones (SFHG location: Ref 180.3636 NUM)

          Packenham Cemetery, Victoria 1863-1999 (microfiche)

          Pine Lodge Lawn Cemetery Plaques 1993 (SFHG location: Ref 180.3630 PIN)

          Pine Lodge Cemetery, Index to: compiled by Botheras, Faye, (SFHG location: 180.3630 PIN)

          Rochester Cemetery, Vol 1, Lawn, Memorial, Rose Gardens, Children's Garden, Ash Memorial Wall.  Also Corop Cemetery. (SFHG location: Ref 180.3561 ROC)

Rushworth Memorial Cemetery Register and Memorial Inscriptions 1861-1998 (SFHG location: Ref 180.3612 RUS)           Shepparton Cemetery Files 1887 (CD) Shepparton Cemetery Memorials and Register (SFHG location: Ref 180.3630 SHE)           Swan Hill Burials 1st April 1859 - 31st March 1889 (microfiche) Tatura Cemetery Memorials Updated 2000, in separate book (SFHG location: Ref 180.3616 TAT)           Toolamba Cemetery (SFHG location: Ref 180.3616 TOO) Violet Town Cemetery - a compilation of records (SFHG location: Ref 180.3669 VIO)

Waanyarra (Jones Creek) Cemetery (headstones) (SFHG location: REF 180.3551 WAA)

          White Hills Monumental Transcriptions 1853-1992 (microfiche)

          Whroo Cemetery - Register and Tombstones (SFHG location: 180.3612 WHR)

          Wodonga (Belvior) Cemetery records 1861 - 1939,(SFHG Location: Ref 180.3690 WOD)

Yea Cemetery Victoria Headstone - inscriptions 1860-1999, complied by Alan Thornley  (microfiche)

Burials with Irish locations in Ballarat Old and New Cemeteries  (SFHG Location: Ref 180.3350 BUR)

Assorted certificates of burial etc,  Ref 180.3616 TAT

Western Australia Lonely Graves of Western Australia and Burials at Sea by Yvonne and K. Coate (SFHG location: 180 COA)

Argus, Harry Joseph The Forgotton Pioneers of the Eastern Goldfields, Kalgoorlie, 1999 (SFHG Location: 180.64)

Western Australian Cemetery records: Australian Burial Records, Cookernup, Harvey, Springhill. (SFHG Location: 180.62 WA)

Wickepin Cemetery - WA (SFHG location: Ref 180.6370 WIC)

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