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          Australian Vital Records Index (NSW, Tas, Vic, WA) 1788-1905 (CD)

         Ballarat and Ballarat East directory 1865 (CD)

         Births in Australia 1788 - 1828 (CD)

          British Census 1851- Devon, Cambridge and Warrick only (CD)

          British Census 1881 (CD)

          British Isles Vital Records Index Civil and Church Records from 1506-1906(CD)

          Canadian Census 1881 (CD)

Campbell, Barry The Campbell's from Tamlaght O'Crilly, Ireland to Tallygaroopna (CD)

Commonwealth Public Service 1904 (CD)

The Cornish In Bendigo compiled by the Cornish Association of Bendigo Inc - Cornish Pioneers, Mine Managers, History of Long Gully, Cornish Mines in

Crown land licenses Victoria 1856 (CD)

Bendigo, Anthony Truscotts diary (CD)

1992 Electoral Roll Division of Bendigo  (CD)

Electoral Roll for Eastern States. Victoria 1903, Queensland 1903, South Australia 1909 (CD)

          Family Tree Maker Family Archives (CD)

          Index to Griffiths Valuation of Ireland 1848-1864 (CD)

          Index to newspaper cuttings 1984 to 2002, compiled by Joan Esam and Fay Botheras (CD)

          Inquest Index Victoria 1840-1985 Knight, Marjory (CD)

          London Marriages Licenses 1521-1869 (CD)

          Macquarie Park Cemetery Transcriptions (formerly Northern Suburbs Cemetery) (CD)

          New South Wales Pioneer Index 1788-1888 (CD)

           New South Wales Federation Index 1889-1918 (CD)

          New South Wales Between the Wars 1919-1945 (CD)

          Queensland Pioneer Index 1829-1889 (CD)

          Rockwood Cemetery Transcriptions 1867 - 1992  (CD)

          Shepparton Cemetery Files 1887 (CD)

          South Australia Death Registrations 1842-1915, 1916-1970 (CD)

          South Australian Unregistered Deaths from 1848 (CD)

          South Australia Marriage Registrations 1842-1916, 1917-1937 (CD)

          South Australian Births Registrations 1907 - 1928 (CD)

          Victoria Pioneer Index 1836-1888 (CD)

          Victoria Federation Index 1889-1901 (CD)

          Victoria Edwardian Index 1902-1913 (CD)

          Victoria Death Index 1921-1985 (CD)

          Victoria Marine Births, Deaths & Marriages 1853-1920 (CD)

          Victorian Marriages 1921-42(CD)

          Victoria Divorce Index of Victoria 1861-1900 (CD)

          Victoria Inquest Index 1840-1985 (CD)

          Victorian Marriages 1921-42(CD)

          Victorian mining accident index (CD)

          Vital Records Index, British Isles 1538-1888 (CD)

          Western Australia Pioneers Index 1841-1905 (CD)

          Hatches, Matches, Dispatches, Ballarat Area, (CD)

          Births Deaths and Marriages 1870-1913 Northern Territory of Australia (CD )

          Bound for South Australia - births and deaths on government assisted immigrant ships 1848-1884,by Robin Haines, Judith Jeffrey and Greg Slattery (CD)

          The Education Department Record of War Service 1914-1919, Victoria  (CD)

          Queenslanders Who Fought in the Great War (CD)

          Victoria Police Gazette 1855  (CD)

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