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        Cowley, Dawn Index to extra and stray birth death and marriage certificates 1989 (SFHG location: Ref 380.3 IND)

          Australian Vital Records Index (NSW, Tas, Vic, WA) 1788-1905 (CD)

        Births in Australia 1788 - 1918 (CD)

New South Wales

          Pioneer Index 1788-1888 (CD)

          Federation Index 1889-1918 (CD)

          Between the Wars 1919-1945 (CD)

Northern Territory
        Births Deaths and Marriages 1870-1913 Northern Territory of Australia (CD) 

          Pioneer Index 1829-1889 (CD)

South Australia

          South Australian Records Prior to 1841 (microfiche)

        South Australian Births Registrations 1907 - 1928 (CD)

          Births 1842-1970 (microfiche)

          Death Registrations 1842-1915, 1916-1970 (CD)

        South Australian Unregistered deaths from 1848 (CD)

          Marriage Registrations 1842-1916, 1917-1937 (CD)

          Bound for South Australia - births and deaths on government assisted immigrant ships 1848-1884, by Robin Haines, Judith Jeffrey and Greg Slattery (CD)


Index to Tasmanian Births/Baptisms 1803-1840 2nd Ed. (SFHG location: Ref 380.7 IND)           Pioneer Index 1803-1899 (microfiche)

          Births Index 1900-1905 (microfiche)

          Deaths Index 1900-1914, 1915-1919 (microfiche)

          Marriage Index 1900-1914, 1915-1919 (microfiche)

          Hatches, Matches, Dispatches, Ballarat Area, (CD)

          Bendigo Independent. Inquests 1862-1865.  Also includes birth, deaths , marriages, murders, suicides, funerals, obituaries, Annette O'Donohue (SFHG)

        St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Bendigo - Baptism Index 1903 - 1925. Marriage Index 1859 - 1925 (microfiche)

        St Paul's Anglican Cathedral, Bendigo. Baptism Index 1865 - 1930. Marriage Index 1869 - 1945 (microfiche)

Births in the District of Caniambo March1888- February 1894 (SFHG location: 200.3631 BIR)           Church of Christ Marriages 1919-1984  Shepparton (SFHG location 380.3630 CHU)

          Creswick birth, death and marriages extracted from the Creswick and Clunes Advertiser 1859-1865 (SFHG location: Ref 100.3363 CRE)
          Death Index 1921-1985 (CD)

          Divorce Index of Victoria 1861-1900 (CD)

          Edwardian Index 1902-1913 (CD)

          Federation Index 1889-1901 (CD)

          Great War Index 1914-1920 (microfiche)

          Inquest Index 1840-1985 (CD)

          Marine Births, Deaths & Marriages 1853-1920 (CD)

          Pioneer Index 1836-1888 (CD)

          Probate Index 1841-1992 (microfiche)

          Victorian Early Church Records B.D.M. 1837-1853 (microfiche)

          Victorian Births 1853-1913 (microfiche)

Victorian Deaths 1854-1980 (microfiche)

Victorian Marriages 1853-1930 (microfiche)

Victorian Marriages 1921-42(CD)

Wesley Church Shepparton Circuit Baptisms register and index 23/3/1905 - 1/4/1951 and 12/8/1951 - 4/12/1966 (SFHG location: Ref 220.3630 WES)

Wesley Church Shepparton Circuit Marriage Index 1963-1974 and list of ministers, Indexed by brides and grooms (SFHG location: Ref 220.3630 WES)

Western Australia

          Pioneers Index 1841-1905 (CD)

         Western Australian Nineteenth Century Newspaper Births (microfiche)

          Western Australian Nineteenth Century Newspaper Deaths (microfiche)

          Western Australian Nineteenth Century Newspaper Marriages (microfiche)

United Kingdom

          British Isles Vital Records Index Civil and Church Records from 1506-1906(CD)

          Vital Records Index, British Isles 1538-1888 (CD)

          London Marriages Licences 1521-1869 (CD)

I.G.I. 1988 Ireland, Scotland (Aberdeen, Caithness, Fife, Lanark, Perth), At Sea, Australian Miscellaneous,     China Miscellaneous (microfiche)           I.G.I. 1992 All England and Scotland (microfiche)

        Vicar General Marriage License Index 1800-1825, 1826-1850 (microfiche)

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