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    Newsletter No 28 May 2004                                                                                                           PAGE  6

Newspaper Clippings.

Shepparton Advertiser 1890
Numurkah Leader Aug 1 1939

Members Items
 Following a previous newsletter article about the first white baby born in Shepparton, proposing that Agnes Wilson, born 1856, may have held this honour, we have received information about a Susannah Andrew, born on the 10th September 1855 at Shepparton, Victoria. Birth certificate No 57 in the district of Benalla and 11897 in Victoria. Signed by the registrar at Benalla on 22nd of November 1855, it shows the birthplace as Shepparton, Victoria and the Father as Edward Andrew, stock keeper, age 30, born in Lincolnshire, England .The Witnesses were Mrs Smith of Shepparton and Miss Wilson was the attending nurse.It would seem that Susannah Andrew may therefore have been the first white baby born in Shepparton.
     Unneeded application files for the following nurses.
 BROOKS, Mollie; BURBURY, Eleanor Christiana; CARTER, Thelma Jean; DYER,  Grace Alice; FOSTER, Edna Olive;       FRENCH, Hjlza Mary; GRAHAM, Evelyn Elizabeth; HUXTABLE, Marion Young; KEARNS, Gwenneth; KING, Evelyn May, LINNELL, Alice Joyce; McINNES, Sheila Isabel; McINTOSH, Olivine Joan; MORRISBY, Bereince May; PEARS, Lilian Brightie; PERKINS, Christina Dorothy; RISELEY, Lila Wilhelmina; SIMONS, Jessie Elizabeth; SOUNDY, Irma Winifred;TAYLOR, Gwendolyn Merle; VINCENT, Ruth Gwendoline , WINWOOD, Nina.        .
    Interested family members can obtain these files, which consist of one page each, please send two $1.00 stamps to   Anna Doncon,  P.O Box 1127,  Shepparton, VIC, 3630, to cover postage and costs.

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