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 Newsletter No 28 May 2004                   PAGE  3

                  Recently Heritage Centre member Peter Ford accepted a donation from the estate of the late Vince Vibert, a well known Shepparton resident, and one of those to first take an interest in the formation of our Historic Society. The items were all business ledgers from Vibert's Hardware, all hand compiled and covering transactions around the 1940's.
                 But there was one other:- a small (14 cm high), lidded, wooded barrel, with ceramic insert.  Our American cousins would probably call it a Cookie Jar - perhaps it really might be a biscuit barrel.  Whatever the case, the interest lies in the engraving on this piece.
               The lid, which appears nickel plated, has the words 'Sunbury and Walton Sea Cadets' neatly placed about the central knob that allows removal. There is a nickel-plated carry handle, which swings to the rear. At the front is a small plated shield, approx 4 cm high by 3 cm at the narrowest point. This bears the Inscription T.S.Blackswan/Shepperton/England/1962. 'T.S.' obviously stands for Training Ship, although I imagine, in naval parlance, it would be a shore-based vessel.
               So, how did the barrel get to the colonies?  The passage of time leaves me unable to answer this just at the moment.  Vince was, of course, a Mayor of Shepparton, but it seems unlikely he came by this in his official capacity.  Our Shepparton Historical Society was formed in 1962, was the barrel sent out to mark the event?
               Perhaps our good friends In Shepperton can supply the answer?  They might be interested to learn that we have both Army and Air Force Cadet units training at Somme Barracks, together with an Infantry Company of the Army Reserve.  No Sea Cadets, though!
              The barrel will join those other Shepperton Items - the 16th century baronial chair, and 1938 illuminated manuscript - which we hold within our Museum.  Who knows: it may even become the repository for The Ashes that a regional cricket team regularly visits Shepperton to contest for, in the happy event that they are victorious for once.  The barrel will remain empty in anticipation!

Shepparton Heritage Centre Meeting Night Activities.

2nd  June  Guest Speaker - John Sigley, Numurkah Historical Society and Royal Historical Society of Victoria.
7th  July AGM
4th  Aug "Show and Tell"  - bring along an interesting history book to show and talk about.
1st  Sep Museum Collection  - Workshop on storage of artefacts in the archives.
6th  Oct "Show and Tell"- bring along something from collections.
3rd  Nov Museum Collection - Workshop on labelling items on display.
1st  Dec Guest Speaker - Dick Clayton, Darwin Defenders.  Christmas Supper.

Advance notice of Guest Speaker in October.
The Shepparton Heritage Centre are organising a person to speak at the Shepparton Heritage Centre rooms on one Sunday in October.  Watch "Billboard" in Tuesday's Shepparton News late September - October for details.

Shepparton Heritage Centre Cleaning Bee
Members are invited to the Museum on Sunday August 29th from 1to 4pm to "spring clean" the Museum.  Come along and help vacuum the floors, dust the artefacts and polish the glass of the display cases, plus various other odd jobs.  Cleaning will be followed by afternoon tea and a friendly chat.  Cleaning products, etc, will be on hand, but please bring along a small plate of afternoon tea.

Museum  Meeting and Open Times

Shepparton Heritage Centre Inc
Meetings:   First Wednesday of each month at 8.00 pm in the Heritage Cottage, Cnr Welsford & High st
Heritage Centre:   Open on even dated Sundays  1.00 pm to 4.00 pm or by appointment. (contact Visitor Information Centre ph (03)58314400.
Post:      P.O.Box 137  Shepparton. Vic .3632
Museum Roster:    Volunteers are needed for our Museum Sunday Afternoon Roster .
                                Please phone Peter on 58217717 if you can assist.

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