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One thing for sure, they all have something to say about The Borough.

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The 1928 Waterfront Strike and the Fall of the Victorian Government
Fourth Year Honours Thesis by Liam Brooks
Liam's thesis examines, for the first time, the link between the 1928 waterfront strike and the concurrent fall of the Hogan Victorian Government.

Available as a free PDF download.
A Family Feud by Terry Keenan
Fifty years of conflict between the Port Melbourne Cricket Club and the Port Melbourne Football Club in the management of the Port Melbourne Cricket and Recreation Reserve.
A Monkey for a Yacht by Janice C. MacDonald
The story of Port Melbourne's renowned yachtsman Dick Edwards and the Port Melbourne Yacht Club.
A Triumvirate of Test Cricketers by Terry Keenan
Produced for the Port Melbourne Cricket Club, this booklet provides biographical details of three Port Melbourne cricketers from the 1890s who also represented Australia at Test level.
The Borough
A play be Sean Barker and the people of Port Melbourne performed at Gasworks Theatre, February 2006. Available on DVD with printed script, or CD (sound track only) and script.
The Borough and its People: Port Melbourne 1839 - 1939 by Margaret & Graham Bride
A fascinating history of Port Melbourne's first hundred years since the arrival of white settlers. The book takes us from the Liardet family's arrival in 1839 through a range of tumultuous events to the beginning of World War II.
Chartered Scoundrels - a brief history of Port Melbourne hotels by Pat Grainger
Outlines the history of licensed hotels in Port Melbourne and provides a brief history of each hotel, including location, various names and, in most cases, photographs.
Dazzle Flash
The story of journalist James Higham and the Sandridge/Emerald Hill of the 1860s/70s..
A Different Breed by Terry Keenan
The final part of Terry Keenan's history of the Port Melbourne Football Club covering the post-war period until the demise of the VFA in 1995.
Empress in Melbourne by Nicholas Cree
Exploring April 6th 1938, when the liner Empress of Britain was at Station Pier.
Fire in the Borough by Shirley A Videion
The First Sandridge (Port Melbourne) Fire Brigades and the Fires they fought
Fisher Folk of Fishermans Bend by Allan Meiers
The story of some of the fishing families that settled on Fishermans Bend.
Going to the Pictures in Port Melbourne
Reminiscences of going the pictures in Port Melbourne's cinemas, the Port Theatre and the Hoyt's Eclipse.
History of a Street Precinct
Interactive CD-ROM covering the histories of 91 homes and shops from Evans Street to Williamstown Road between Bridge and Farrell Streets.
In and Out of Port by Sigrid Borke
Voices from the Port of Melbourne: An Oral History.
In Safe Hands: Presidents of the Port Melbourne Football Club by Terry Keenan
In his latest book on Port Melbourne Football Club, Terry Keenan, looks at the 29 Presidents in the 138 year history of PMFC
Keeping Out the Riff Raff by Terry Keenan
Terry Keenan looks at the events surrounding Port Melbourne's exclusion during the formation of the Victorian Football League in 1896.
Kicking into the Wind by Terry Keenan
Detailed history of the Port Melbourne Football Club from the early days in 1874 through to the First World War.
Law on Water by Shirley A Videion
Water Police of Port Phillip (1838-1900) and their Administrators
Linking Us Together by Pat Grainger
Produced for SouthPort Daylinks, this book details how changing transport developed the cities of Port Melbourne, South Melbourne and St Kilda.
A Message from the Clouds by Des Martin & Bertha Carey
A biography of Bend pioneer aviator R Graham Carey.
My Time at Engine Works by Glen Stuart
Memories of a 29 year career at the Commonwealth Government Marine Engine Works built on Port Melbourne foreshore during World War II.
Port Melbourne Centenary Souvenir
Original copy of the souvenir newspaper produced in 1939 by Port Melbourne Council to mark Liardet's centenary.
Port Melbourne Child by Phyllis Kelly
Memories of early years in Pickles St.
Port Melbourne Recollections by Jack Porritt
Memories of Port Melbourne as written by Jack Porritt
Port Melbourne Town Hall by Susan Reidy
A short history of the Port Melbourne Town Hall buildings and the people who used them.
Port Sayings - What we heard in Bay Street
Third edition of this booklet of expressions remembered as common around the Borough.
Railway Rockeries
Tales of the Melbourne and Hobson's Bay Railway Reserves, Port Melbourne.
The Road Less Travelled - Port Melbourne Stands Alone
Terry Keenan's The Road Less Travelled - Port Melbourne Stands Alone, looks at PMFC from 2005 up to that wonderful undefeated premiership season of 2011.
Salt on the Windows by Janice C. MacDonald
Memories of the beach area in 1940s and 1950s.
The Story of Sandridge
How the first settlers came to Port Melbourne. A history for older children.
The Story of Excelsior Hall by Pat Grainger
The Story of Excelsior Hall and How it Served Port Melbourne is the third in a series of booklets following the earlier publication of Railway Rockeries and Port Melbourne Town Hall.
Temperance Hall
It is said to be the oldest Temperance Hall in Melbourne that has been in continuous use by the public since it began. From teetotallers to Tai Chi, this is a brief history.
"They Can Carry Me Out" - Memories of Port Melbourne
Reprint of 1991 Vintage Port, Worth Preserving oral history project
Unduly Rough Play by Terry Keenan
A history of the Port Melbourne Football Club Volume 2 - 1918-1944
Vintage Port by Ken Bennett
Ken Bennett remembers growing up in Port in the 1940s, '50s and '60s.
War Fever in Port Phillip by Meyer Eidelson
Marking the 150th anniversary of the Crimean War through local Port Phillip street names and landmarks.
Women of Port Melbourne
The stories of thirty-four Port women.
Woolbales of Wrath by Lyn McLeavy
Struggles of a wharfie family.
Historical Calendars
Our fabulous annotated historical calendars.
Walks Around Vintage Port
Set of six self-guided walks around old Port Melbourne.
1990 Colour Heritage Postcards
Various colour postcards of sights around Port Melbourne from 1990.
Sepia Heritage Postcards
Various sepia postcards showing old images of Port Melbourne.
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