In Safe hands: Presidents of the Port Melbourne Football Club
by Terry Keenan

Apart from its role as Melbourne's port, what attracts Melburnians to Port Melbourne is the local football team: loved with a passion by its supporters, reviled equally by the rest. It might be a stretch to think that the president of the Port Melbourne Football Club occupied the second most important position in the suburb (behind only the mayor), but given the status of the club locally, it is not too outrageous to contemplate.

Now in its 138th year, PMFC has had 29 presidents. Who were these men, where did they come from, what events shaped their personalities? How did they come to occupy this position, once so important but now diminishing in stature as the municipality shrinks to a postcode.

Terry Keenan's In Safe Hands: Presidents of the Port Melbourne Football Club attempts to answer these questions.

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