Chartered Scoundrels - A brief history of Port Melbourne hotels
by Pat Grainger

The first two were opened on the Beach in 1840. Once gold was discovered in Victoria in 1851, some fifty-one others followed. Chartered Scoundrels tells you where twenty-three of those Sandridge pubs can be seen in Port Melbourne today. The dangerous days may be gone now - more or less, but in 2007 the sixteen that remain open for trade lend a continuity with our distant Colonial past.

Soft cover, 92pp, $20.00

ISBN 978-0-97575228-4-5

Chartered Scoundrels complements Pots, Punks and Punters - A History of the Hotels of St Kilda and South Melbourne by Becky Aizen, published Oct, 2004 by the St Kilda Historical Society.

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