Court House Open Day

On the first Saturday of the month

9:30 a.m - 12:30 p.m.








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The first police buildings were on the original police reserve which included the current post office and police station site. In 1862 the buildings were in poor repair so for some time a stone cottage and stables were rented for police use. It is not known how long they operated from there, but by 1878 they were operating from a timber and stone house, with stables and single cell lock-up, at the corner of Watton and Scales Streets. In 1880 a new police station was built at the corner of Watton & French Streets. When the new police house was built and occupied in 1914 the lock up and stables were moved to this location. The police station occupied part of the residence until it was replaced with a new, prefabricated station opened in 1980. The current brick station replaced the modular unit in 2006.