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The Argus – 14th February 1893



Messrs Taylor and Wilsons general store here was totally destroyed by fire early yesterday morning A tobacconists shop adjoining, in the occupation of Duncan Small was also completely demolished. The origin of the fire is unknown. The store was the property of Mr. John Earls, and was insured for ₤500 in the National Company. Messrs Taylor and Wilson’s stock was insured for ₤2000,divided between the Colonial Mutual and the Norwich Union companies Smalls stock was insured for ₤100 in the Norwich Union, but the building occupied by him, which was the property of Mr. Joseph Tilley was not insured.


The Argus - 22nd February 1893


An extraordinary election of a representative of the Chatsworth Riding in the .Mount Rouse Shire Council was recently rendered necessary by the death of Councillor George Thacker, who had held the seat continuously since the year 1880, and was president during the year 1891-2. The election resulted in the unopposed return of Mr. T. H. Fitzgerald, of Cherry Mount, near Glenthompson.


Bathurst Free Press & Mining Journal - 13th March 1893

A peculiar case of accidental poisoning occurred last week at Croxton. A lad named Burow went to the Croxton Creamery with milk, and asking for a drink, the man in charge told him there was some water in a cupboard. There were two bottles, one of which contained a preparation of zinc, and out of this the lad drank. He immediately  became ill, and was taken to Mrs. Petchell, who sent him in to Dr.Sweetman, at Penshurst. He is fearfully burnt down the throat, and it is impossible for the doctor to say yet how the case will go.


The Argus - 8th April 1893

The will of the late Terence O'Brien, of Springfield, near Penshurst, settler, has been lodged for probate. The testator died on the 3rd February last, and by his will, which is dated May 29, 1880, he leaves all his property to his widow and relatives. The estate is valued at ₤18,788, of which ₤3,309 is personalty and ₤15,419 is realty.


Colac Herald - 16th May 1893

Mr C. E. Heighington, revenue officer for this the Shire of Mount Rouse, certainly deserves the palm amongst rate collectors. On Wednesday, this gentleman was in the happy position to report that all rates for  the financial year ending on the 30th  of September, 1893, had been collected with be out a single summons having been issued. And this is not the first year that he has achieved such a happy result, for we (Hamilton spectator) were informed that the Council has not had to deal with any arrears of rates during the last nine or ten years. How many Councils are in a similar enviable position ?


The Argus - 31st July 1893

Mr. P J.Kinnon the manager of the Blackwood Estate, Penshurst, while following the hounds at a meet of the Hamilton Hunt Club last Wednesday had a severe fall The injuries he received brought inflammation of the lungs, resulting in his death last night at the Victoria Hotel here whither he had been removed after the accident.


Portland Guardian - 28th August

A STRANGE RECOVERY.-It will be remembered that on Boxing Day last a gold watch and chain, the property of Mr. Rippon, were stolen from a bed room at the Penshurst Hotel. On hearing of this, Mounted Constable Hall made a most diligent search, and also pounced on one individual who had been seen wandering about the hotel during the night, and had actually been challenged by the occupier of one room, when he gave some make-shift excuse. The man, however, protested his innocence, and eventually, nothing having been found on him he was allowed to go free. From that day up to Thursday last, although Constable Hall had a man under surveillance, nothing was heard of the missing property, which it was generally supposed had gone into the melting pot. On Thursday, however, telegrams were received at Hamilton (says the “Spectator”) announcing that the watch, etc., had been found, and it would appear from the report made to the police that the finder was a little girl, Elsie Keen, a four-year old child of Mr. T. Keen, who had recently moved into a cottage at Penshurst, the watch being hidden in a jam tin under a floor in the cottage. When the property was missed the cottage was untenanted and the windows and doors broken, but these, of course, have since been repaired. The police are in possession of other information which it would be inadvisable to divulge at present, but in the meantime it may be stated that the parents of the finder are in very poor circumstances, and as shown by their conduct in this matter, strictly honest.


South Australian Register - 5th October 1893


 HUNTER-McINTYRE.-On the 25th September, at the Wesleyan Parsonage, North Adelaide, by the Rev J. Young Simpson, Robert Morris Hunter, to Flora, daughter of the late Duncan Mclntyre, Esq., of Gleno Penshurst, Victoria.