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December  19  2014

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January  25  2015

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As part of the Historical Society’s Centenary of ANZAC project we are hoping to find photos (preferably in uniform) of some of the WW1 servicemen interred at the Boram Boram Cemetery.

4726, Thomas Adams

676, James Bamford

1818, Adrian Harold Cameron

1225, Donald Cameron

5999, Herbert James Carey

10933, Richard Thomas Starling

2678, Gerald Jonah Trigger.

3077, John Joseph Turrell

3573, Mervyn Gilbert Underwood

548, Charles Advent Olle

614, Jack Pennycuick

3414, Thomas Young Smith

4799, William Smith

68910, Donald McDonald

535, William Thomas McGregor

John Irwin McKenna

1694, Robert Gunn McKenna

4182, Peter Thomas Dix

4480, William Robert Evans

V75782, John Wallace Hudgson

1632, Frederick Charles Kampman

4218, Donald Alexander Ley



If you are able to help, please contact the Secretary on 55712145 or email and we will be happy make arrangements to copy them at a convenient time.