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As mentioned in the last newsletter, Newstead &District Historical Society entered Adrian Haas’s book on the Newstead Mechanics’ Institute in the Castlemaine Historical Society’s 2007 History Awards and we were delighted to receive second prize. Winner on the night was the book about Sutton Grange and in a different category, several students from Castlemaine Secondary College won awards.

It was great that Carolyn Haas was able to be present to receive the award and perhaps seeing the interest the awards had generated in the Castlemaine students, Carolyn has expressed a wish that the cheque for $100 be used to fund a similar situation in Newstead. With that in mind, an idea is forming that will be put to the Newstead school to see if it is a feasible project.

Congratulations to Castlemaine Historical Society for their foresight in establishing the History Awards.



Not long until October 13th and the celebrations for our 21st anniversary. We hope that current and former members will be able to come to the Newstead Mechanics’ between 2 and 4 pm. To help with catering, it would be appreciated if you could ring Giselle Neall on 54762207 by October 5th if you are attending.



Last excursion was a relaxed occasion helped by lovely weather. We proceeded down Demo Track on our way to see the remains of the Young Australia Mine. On the way, the participants were ‘highjacked’ into a couple of stops to admire some of the botanical treasures of the Box Ironbark forests. Some parts of the bush are putting on quite a show at the moment and we were able to see a great patch of our local grevillea, sundews, ‘egg and bacon’ (Gorse Bitter Pea), pink bells (Tetratheca), Early Nancies and several sorts of orchid (Pink and Blue Caladenias, Leopard orchids, Golden Moths and Nodding Greenhoods) as well the different sorts of trees which included the Native Cherry!

At the Young Australia mine we saw the remains of a puddler, the battery stamper site, several deep shafts and an adit into the hillside. As usual we were impressed with the hard work that gold mining had entailed and marvelled at the efforts of the miners. An adjournment was made to the nearby picnic area at the Red, White and Blue mine for refreshments. (I think it must have been an enjoyable day as when I was got up to clear the table, I was urged to sit down, as they weren’t ready to go home just yet!)



This time we are following up on the Water and Newstead theme that was the basis for our display for the Heritage Festival in May. On Monday 1st of October, carpooling from the courthouse at 1.30 pm, we intend to go first to ‘Truro’ at Franklinford where Eric Satori will show us where the old water race came off the Jim Crow Creek on its way to the old reservoir. From there we will travel to see the reservoir in Pound Lane.



Congratulations to those involved with the Newstead Uniting Church in their celebrations of the centenary of the church building in Lyons Street. Janet Trudgeon put together a booklet with articles from the Newstead “Echo” that told of the celebrations that took place a hundred years ago and lasted for several days. Janet deserves great praise for her effort, as do all those who put together the comprehensive display at the church. No doubt the crowd of people who attended last Sunday appreciated them.



The annual Maryborough Family History Fair is on next Sunday September 23rd from 10 –4 in Nolan Street. Our society will be represented to help those interested in searching for their Newstead ancestors.



Again Newstead & District Historical Society will attend both days of this annual event run by Central Highlands Historical Association at Aquinas College, Mair St Ballarat on the weekend of October 6th and 7th. The theme this year is “Three Cheers for Volunteers”. There will be 40 exhibitors consisting of local history societies, book publishers and groups such as the Cornish association or First Fleet descendants. Public Records Office donates a prize for the best display and lectures are also given. Those of who go each year find it is a good place to meet like-minded people and we always come away with fresh ideas and interests.




Sunday 23rd September Maryborough Family History Fair Nolan St 10 – 4 pm.


Monday October 1 Excursion to ‘Truro’ and the old reservoir leaving from the courthouse at 1.30 pm.


Saturday October 13th at the Mechanics’ Institute 2 – 4 pm 21st anniversary and reunion of Newstead & District Historical Society. RSVP to 54762207 by October 5th.


Saturday and Sunday CHHA Family History Expo October 6th and 7th Aquinas College, Mair St, Ballarat 10 – 4pm each day.


Next meeting October 15th at 7.30 pm.


Dawn Angliss

Secretary 54762006 

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