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Just a reminder about our party at the courthouse at 6.30 on Saturday night (23rd September). The open fire will be burning, our table ready to receive the plates of food, the mulled wine will there so we hope that you will be too!



The November Market is fast approaching and as Giselle and John Neall will not be able to be present at this Market, the rest of us will have to do that bit extra to try and fill the huge roles that they usually play at this time. One thing Giselle does is to arrange the Christmas Hamper. She will still be able to do this if we get our donations in by mid October. So any gifts that would enhance a Christmas hamper would be gratefully received. The Christmas cake and pudding are pledged but things such as drinks, nuts, napkins, shortbread, sweets or other foodstuffs of a Christmas nature would be appreciated. Included with this newsletter is $5 worth of tickets as in the past, members have been most generous in supporting us. This November Market is our major fundraising event of the year and is what enables us to finance our activities for the remainder of the year.



Also included is a flyer promoting the magazine “Australian Heritage”. They have generously subsidised the mail out for this month’s newsletter. One article in a recent edition was about Mechanics’ Institutes that is of special interest to our Society at this time.



Another reminder to keep the afternoon of Sunday November free as that is the launch of “our” book “Newstead Mechanics’ Institute”. There will be plenty of promotion between now and November explaining what can be expected on the day.



Thanks to the efforts of one of members, Rose Chong, the Fitzroy Historical Society are interested in coming to the courthouse and seeing our collection. It has been arranged that they will come during the morning on Saturday 18th of November – Market Day. They will then see both sides of our enterprise, the financing of the operation and the work done at the courthouse that is possible thanks to that money raised.



A whole day was spent in cleaning up both the inside of the courthouse and the surrounds. Members are so generous in their efforts that involved for some, bringing mowers, providing the petrol and muscle to cut the large amount of grass that confronts us at this time of the year. As well, the inside of the courthouse was dusted and vacuumed. Thanks again – it is much appreciated.



Another page from a Weekly Times with photos of Newstead groups has been donated and also some interesting photos and information from Marjorie Noon nee Carter. This was a result of the excursion to Glengower with the Midlands Historical Society. Marjorie had been visiting Maryborough and had seen the promotion for the excursion and come along. She had many memories to share as she had attended Glengower School and was friends of the family at Glengower. Her father had been a drover and horse-breaker and had ridden a white horse at the head of the procession at the 1927 Back To Newstead. Underneath is a photo of Marjorie being taught to ride by her father.



Now who is that pictured bottom right with Mr Shevlin, Head Master of Newstead and teacher of that group of school children?


Next meeting -  Monday 15th of October at 7.30 at the courthouse.

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