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Miracles still do occur - our toilet/storage facility is finished! Our records show that we started this exercise in 2003, building started on April 26th this year and finally finished   (well almost) in the middle of August. 2007.

However, it is just wonderful to have a facility to store our mower on site and as for having a proper toilet – it is great. John Neall is working on mowing our block, and transferring ladders, paint etc that we have had to keep in the courthouse, out into our storage shed. The next step is to do some plantings that will enhance the site.



The next run of 100 books has been delivered. The book has been entered in Castlemaine Historical Society’s 2007 History Awards and the announcement of results will be at their Annual General Meeting on September 3rd 2007.



The society has purchased a digital camera. There are different uses that the camera can be put to. It has already been taken on an excursion to record the events of the day and such things as headstones in a cemetery, but it also will be of use when visits are made to places where documents are needed to be copied. We anticipate that it will be a much-used piece of equipment.



The excursion led by Alan Burgess to the Fryerstown cemetery was most successful. The cemetery was quite large in area and fitted in well with its surroundings. The names on the headstones had a familiar ring and with the aid of a couple of locally produced books on Fryerstown, we were able to recall some people and their contribution to the town. We finished up with a stop at Vaughan Springs and the members who gathered around the  picnic table, were in no hurry to make the journey home.

The next excursion will be into the Muckleford Forest to investigate some more of the many mining sites that are scattered throughout. The spring-like weather will hopefully allow us to have a more leisurely visit than the one in July. We leave from the courthouse at 1.30 pm on Monday September 3rd






Arrangements are being made for the 21st anniversary of the Society. We think that it is an occasion worth celebrating. The input by the first members of the society set in place the direction that the society has travelled. We are grateful for the efforts that went in and want to acknowledge it. The society would like to contact former members. We will publicize the event in local newspapers and be invitation to those of whom we have an address. If anyone knows the whereabouts of a former member, we would be grateful if you would let us know.












NEWSTEAD & District historical society


2 - 4 pm


Saturday October 13th

 Mechanics’ institute Newstead


rsvp Giselle neall 54762207




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