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Thanks to Brian Dieckmann we now have our own web site Brian has been monitoring its popularity and the first week there were 159 visits made, the second week 63 and the third week 21. We have had 2 new members join us and received a request for research.



Central Highlands Historical Association are again holding their annual event on October 4th and 5th at ACU Aquinas Campus, 1200 Mair St Ballarat, 10 am – 4 pm. The theme this year is Batons, Bayonets and Bushrangers, celebrating 150 years of Police work in Victoria. A lecture by Chief Inspector Ralph Stavely: Police Historian will be held on Friday rd at 8 pm and there will be lectures morning and afternoon on both days. Our Society is in the process of assembling a display about the police presence in Newstead. We have a photo of Harry Sainsbury in his uniform and will contrast that with a photo of Grant McDonald, our present Policeman. We are fortunate enough to have several copies of old Police Gazettes found in the ceiling of the old Police Station. These date back to 1858 and in that particular Gazette they are offering £100 reward and a free pardon to an accomplice connected to the Mia Mia murder. The occasion is very popular and attracts many exhibitors and visitors researching their ancestors and admiring the displays.



Quite a few people took advantage of the chance to see Mopoke Gully and Yapeen with Max Kay as our leader. For me the highlights were entering the amazing Tyzack’s store, seeing the old stone houses and being shown the remains of the old water wheel. This has whetted our appetite for the November excursion when Max will take us around the flats at Guildford. This was the place where many Chinese looked for gold and where Mr Wally Maple sluiced. According to Max, Wally was lured to Victoria for the better purses for foot running and it was here that he trained ‘Goldie’ Heath who won the 1933 Stawell Gift.

Before that, however we have an October excursion where we will travel along the Guildford road to establish just where the 2 dredges worked. We will have photos and information about them, see what the land looks like, and the course of the river and imagine if we can, what it would have been like prior to dredging. We leave from the courthouse on October 13th at 1.30 pm.



At our last visit we were given a phone number of the people who own this property. Since then, we have contacted them. They have been intrigued by the names carved in the rocks and are keen to combine with us for another visit. We will arrange this for the weekend of October 25th & 26th. If you missed this excursion or would like another visit, ring me, Dawn Angliss 03 54762006 just prior to that weekend and I will be able to give you the details.



What a lovely night! We are so lucky to have a venue like our courthouse and to see it with the open fire, flowers, candles, food and drink is a celebration of that fact. This time we invited the members of the steering committee of ‘Newstead Remembers’ and they certainly enlivened the evening – even suggesting another “Newstead Remembers’!


Some of the information we have found for our display in Ballarat……..



“Notice to applicants for employment in the Police Force must attend with an application in their own handwriting, and such testimonials as they may have, at the Police Depot, at Richmond, at 9Nine am, on Mondays where, if they are considered suitable, they are engaged.”



John Holt is charged on warrant granted at Melbourne with feloniously stealing on the 12th, from the house of Mrs Rishton, corner of Moor and Smith Streets, Collingwood, 2 watches, one of which has since been recovered. The offender is twenty- five years of age, 5 feet 2 or 3 inches high, wore when last seen a blue pilot coat and moleskin trousers, and had with him a large kangaroo dog which answers to the name of “Tiger”.

A warrant has been granted at Ballaarat for the arrest of Burgoyne, for feloniously stealing on the 14th instant, a circular protractor and a level, since recovered. Burgoyne is 27 years of age, 5 feet 7½ inches high, fair hair and whiskers, medium build, pale complexion, full round face, of respectable appearance, wore a cabbage-tree hat, black cloth coat and cord trousers, formerly in the Public Works Department.”




Whereas on the evening of Saturday, the 9th of January inst. The remains of a murdered man were found in a water-hole on the Mia  Mia Creek, Newstead, near Castlemaine, at a spot distant about 25 yards from the main road leading to Carisbrook: Notice is hereby given that a reward of One hundred pounds will be paid to any person giving such information as will lead to the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons who committed the said murder…..

By His Excellency’s Command


PARTICULARS –Body found in a water-hole on the Mia Mia Creek on Saturday evening, the 9th inst with 6 deep wounds on the top of the skull as if done with a pick, the left cheek also being smashed. From the position of the body it appears that after the man was murdered the body was put in a sack, which was then thrown into the water-hole…. The body appears to have been in the water for 4 or 5 months at least.

Description- Dark brown hair, about 5 feet 6 or 7 inches high, about 28 or 30 years of age.

Dress-Blue under striped cotton shirt, blue serge shirt, blue Guernsey shirt, white cotton drawers, worsted cord trousers, red cotton pocket handkerchief with white spots on it in the shape of shamrock leaves.”




Our index of newspapers shows in the Mount Alexander Mail….

25.2.1870 George Dyer confessed murderer of Wilson Mia Mia Newstead. One time storeman of E B Sinclair of Pennyweight Flat had the £100 reward staring him in the face.

7.1.1871 George Dyer in court

26.4.1871 George Dyer guilty of manslaughter – 8 years on the road of the colony 

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