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A total of 27 people turned up on November 8th at the Sandon home of Maureen Heagney to see the newly acquired DVD of the Newstead dredge. Some were our local members, others were members from further away who had an interest in the dredge and there were local people of the district who had heard of the film and were keen to see it. Some of them had very personal memories of working for the dredge company or who had family members who had. Consequently there were some very interesting observations expressed during the film’s showing. As there were too many people to fit comfortably in the room, the film was shown twice – those not watching were able to sit outside and compare notes during the 20 minutes or so that it took to see the two films.

Mr McGeorge, the manager of the dredge, took the films. The first film ran for about 16 minutes and showed very good footage of the working of the dredge. The opening scenes showed the stones turning and being washed by jets of water. Later scenes were of outside of the dredge and quite a lot showed the efforts at putting the land ‘back to rights’ with teams of horse. This film was in black and white and of course there was no sound.

The second film was just 2 minutes in duration and showed a family picnic. This was in colour and the viewers were able to establish that it was taken at Excelsior Bridge at Shepherd’s Flat. The people shown were Mrs McGeorge and her children and those of the Alderson family. Mr Alderson was works manager at the dredge.

We are having extra copies of the DVD made if people would like to borrow them to see them for themselves. There will probably be another viewing if anyone missed and would like to see them. Maybe this time an evening showing could be arranged. (54762006). Our thanks were expressed to Maureen for her hospitality.



The recent winds have caused a large branch to fall on the old fence on our eastern boundary. The result was that the fence that had seen better times has had to be demolished – just another job for our hard working crew of maintenance workers. The recent growth of grass has also meant a lot of effort to keep it under control.



The next meeting will be at 7.30 February 2005 at the courthouse. However Monday mornings continue as usual with a concentrated effort being put in to index the marvellous collection of books. Everyone who has a hand in this effort is thoroughly enjoying it and the range and quality of the books is amazing.



A very big thank-you to all the members who responded so generously to our call for help for the Market. The response to the raffle was outstanding with so many of you returning money, tickets and generous donations as well. The team on the day are a well-oiled machine that swings into action. The site is becoming like a department store with awnings and now a gazebo, no less! Although there were fewer sites than last November’s Market the total raised on the day was $1,000 and after expenses will give us a profit of approximately $800.


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