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At last, the long awaited sign is in position at the courthouse. The first effort was rejected as it was felt that it was badly designed and most importantly did not have on it the Parks Victoria logo that had been requested. Those who have seen this second one agree that it acceptable and we are grateful to the powers that be at Parks Victoria who have been most accommodating to the unavoidable delays that have occurred.


At the last meeting several acquisitions were accepted with thanks. A very valuable donation was received in the form of a computer that Bev and John Foreman from the Railway Hotel. Although an older type it has been readied for use by Liz Coady and is already doing its job of recording newspaper references. Also received were a full set of photocopied ”Newstead News”, a map of’ this area showing aboriginal names, a school project on the Mill house, a copy of part of ”Victoria & its Metropolis Past and Present”, a souvenir of the opening of St Mary’s hall and old photos of the butcher’s shop. Thanks to Malcolm Crick, Grace McCaughy, Myfanwy Lavie, Jon Butler and Janet Trudgeon.


An infested area near a doorframe on the magistrate’s bench area has been discovered and we are in the process of getting advice and considering our next action.


Last month’s excursion was conducted under severe weather conditions and the area of mining activity that was found, was considered not to be the mines we were searching for – the Nuggetty and the South Nuggetty in the Muckleford forest. So we are going to try again! Next Monday July 10 we leave from the courthouse at 1.30 pm. Please come.


July 10 1.30 pm                        Excursion to the Nuggetty mines

July 17 1.30 pm                        July meeting


In the search for further clues to the history of early Newstead, and at the invitation of Alec Millar, Dawn and I sallied forth recently to examine other aspects of our waterless Lake Cairn Curran. Alec had phoned in the morning to suggest that the weather forecast was less than auspicious, but how could we let the weather worry us? We left Alec’s property and walked south, down towards the river with Park Hill to our left. Our destination was the remains of a very substantial bridge across the Loddon just below Park Hill and another smaller one a little further on across what had once been a creek. It would be great if anyone could share stories about these bridges, perhaps giving a few clues for further investigation.

We returned to Alec’s property and, after a cuppa, Dawn and 1 continued the adventure down at what we believe to be Mingus’ Crossing. Max Butler had given us permission to go on to his land but suggested that it would be better (and perhaps safer) to enter from the north side of the river. Needless to say around this time the sky began to look a little ominous and it wasn’t long after we waded (in our gum- boots) across a shallow stony area that it began to rain. Soon we were heading into a (short-lived, thank goodness) barrage of hail, but, in the true spirit of the pioneers, we carried on. Dawn had realised that we were following the fence-line that shows on the Parish Plan. Soon after she located the junction of Mingus’ Crossing Road with the two forks that head towards the river and we headed back along the left arm. In the meantime, I was holding up a copy, fortunately plastic-coated, of Bradfield’s NEWSTEAD, trying to identify the direction of the hills behind the Newstead Hotel depicted on the front cover.

By this time we realised that, adventure or not sane people would be home by the fire. But, when we forded the river once again, I discovered that it was going to be very difficult for me to get up the muddy bank. In the end with much laughter and heavy breathing, I crawled. What fun! Anyone who would like to come the next time just put your name down at the Courthouse.

Liz Coady



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