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Our annual meeting took place on Monday night in the courthouse. Sixteen people were present to bear the reports, elect office bearers for the forthcoming year and to hear the guest speaker, Dave Evans. Alan Burgess in his president’s report spoke of the year’s highlights, which included the grants for filming The Echo, landscaping the surrounds as well as the launching of the Historic Walks Brochures. Janet Trudgeon, our treasurer, presented the statement of receipts and payments for the past year, a copy of which is attached John Neall gave a report on the visit of Mandy Jean, Heritage adviser to Mount Alexander Shire, the main points of which were.

            1: quotes to eradicate termites as soon as possible

            2: door timber in the frame on magistrate’s bench to be replaced

            3: cracking plaster to be left for the time being to see if it improves when the wet weather comes

            4: agricultural drains not to be closer than 1 metre to the building

            5: none of the brick spoon drains to be removed altered or damaged

            6: sandstone foundations to be repaired using sandstone and a suitable mortar mix

            7: a record of maintenance – past and future plans – to be kept.

Alec Culvenor took the chair for the election of office bearers who are as follows-

President                         Alan Burgess                         54762367

Vice President                         Peter Skilbeck                         54762450

Secretary                         Dawn Angliss                         54762906

Treasurer                         Janet Trudgeon                        54762437

Committee                         Dorothy Clark                         54762220

                        John Neall                         54762207

Research and Public Officer                         Liz Coady                         54762430

The guest speaker, Dave Evans was then introduced as a member of the Woady Yallock Historical Society with a special interest in mining accidents. Since starting by buying a few books from the Mines Department, Dave has now an impressive list of many thousand and which is continually growing. He illustrated his talk with overhead slides showing mining methods and explaining the many ways that accidents would happen. It was good to see Alleyne and Ian Hockley from the Castlemaine Historical Society in attendance as well as a couple of local residents with an interest in mines.


Fees for the year are unchanged, $15 for single membership, $25 for a family membership and $5 if you wish the newsletter to be posted to you. Membership forms are included and our treasurer would appreciate prompt payment.


Everyone is welcome to join us on our trip this Thursday May 3rd to the new Melbourne Museum. We intend leaving on the 8.12 train from Castlemaine and a car pool will leave from the courthouse in Newstead at 7.35 am (perhaps a phone call. 54762006 if you want a ride, to ensure we don’t leave you behind!). The exhibition ”Forging The Nation” is current, which includes the first single engine aeroplane to fly from England to Australia, the ceremonial carriage used in the procession at the opening of the inaugural Federal Parliament and Mawson’s sled from his 1911-12 expedition will be seen as well as significant paintings such as ”The Opening of Federal Parliament 9 May 1901 by Charles Nuttall and on loan for the first time from the Australian War Museum, ”Anzac, the Landing 1915” by George Lambert. Sounds good but we intend to cast a critical eye over the new museum because some of us, were very attached to the old one! (Weren’t we, Janet and Dawn!)? Admission prices Adults $15 Children $8 Concessions $11 Families $35


It is great to see several people regularly coming to the courthouse on Monday mornings. Bev Gray, Di Reid and Brian Dieckmann are currently typing data supplied to us by Margaret Di Fiore into our Filemaker programs. Janet Trudgeon is working on the reader and microfilm copies of the early Echo. John Neall and Dorothy Clark are working on a record of the past members of our Society and want a photo of each of us, please, to insert in the book. Derek Reid is searching for information on the mines and William Aberdeen. Quite often a visitor calls in but there is always a stop at 11 o’clock to share a cuppa. We would love to see you there.


Museum trip Thursday May 3 car pool from courthouse at 7.35 am. or 8.12 am, train

Next meeting Monday May 21st 1.30 pm. at the courthouse.

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