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On the evening of the 17th April, members of the society and guests from other societies gathered at the courthouse at 8 pm. The annual meeting was conducted and the president and treasurer presented their reports. President Liz listed the highlights of the previous year which included

  1. ”The Writings of Thomas Martin” production
  2. The Heritage study by Wendy Jacobs and Phil Taylor (stage 1 being completed and resulting in books 1 & 2; stage 2 funding being approved)
  3. The sending of a newsletter to members rather than minutes of meetings
  4. The erection of 2 Golden Way signs in the township and a third, to be located here at the courthouse telling its history and showing an early photograph
  5. Funding of $1600 for the production of a Heritage Walk brochure.

Liz thanked members of the society before reminding us of the scope of the work still to be achieved by a small band of dedicated members. Treasurer Janet presented the balance sheet, which showed a balance of $7099.50, an increase on last year, made up of memberships, market day fund raising, profit from the Thomas Martin productions, donations and grants from Parks Victoria, a maintenance grant from the Shire and the Heritage grant for the brochure. Although this seems a healthy situation, much of this is already earmarked for current projects. Discussion took place on the fee for membership. Janet gave a breakdown on where the membership money went (joining relevant associations and insurance) and it was decided that as the GST had to be considered, an increase was necessary. Fees for the coming year will be $15 membership $25 family membership plus $5 postage.

Election of office bearers took place resulting in the following

President;                        Alan Burgess

Vice President;                 Peter Skilbeck

Secretary;                        Dawn Angliss

Treasurer;                        Janet Trudgeon

Committee;                      Giselle Neall

                             Beverley Gray

                   Joan Culvenor

Public Officer;                  Liz Coady


Robyn Annear then presented a great insight into her book ”Nothing But Gold”. Much has been written on the gold mining of Forest Creek in the 1850’s but Robyn gave us the view of 1852 from a domestic angle. We heard how the miners lived, ate and arranged the work not associated with extracting gold from the ground. The image of slaughtering 1000 sheep per day in the midst in of a tent city was vivid as was the wagonload of cats arriving from Melbourne to cope with a mouse plague.


Special thanks must be given to Liz for her efforts over the past 2 years. A look into the research room is testament to Liz who has guided us into the world of computers and advantages that brings in documenting the valuable information that earlier members had the foresight to save. Thanks too, to Dorothy Clark whose work in organising things in the library and kitchen area is greatly appreciated. Long may we have such dedicated helpers!


Last month 2 walks were taken through the town led by John Ewing and Alan Burgess. New information was gained and is going towards the production of the town walk brochure.


At present Nape are rehearsing two one-act plays The Man in the Bowler Hat and The Patchwork Quilt which will be presented over the next 2 weekends.


A continual stream of requests is received by mail and in person, from people with an interest in old Newstead and surrounds. At present information is sought into Runge’s paint factory and a mine in Green Gully called the South Nuggetty. Any help in this area would be appreciated and it proposed to have a visit to the site of the South Nuggetty in the near future.


May 5 & 6 and May12 & 13 The Man in the Bowler Hat and The Patchwork Quilt.

May 15 Meeting 1.30 pm .


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