Mary Schwerkolt The story of Mary Jackschwosky nee Schwerkolt is quite remarkable. Mary grew up in Schwerkolt Cottage, Mitcham. She was born in 1887. Her father, August Schwerkolt, built the cottage in 1885. He followed the design of those he knew in Northern Prussia before he emigrated. It proved to be a sturdy structure that stood the test of time. It was restored in 1964 and is open to the public each weekend. For those who have visited the cottage we are sure you'll enjoy getting to know Mary's story. For those who have yet to visit the cottage we welcome you to read on and visit us at Deep Creek Road, Mitcham VIC.

Part 1 - Mary's childhood
Mary's story begins here. Learn about her early years in Mitcham and the move to America.

Part 2 - Losing the cottage
How did Mary lose her cottage and what was needed to put it right?

Part 3 - Flirting, Cocky, marriage and settling down
Read about Mary's sailing adventures, her courtship and the decisions that changed the course of her life.

Part 4 - The war
Unfortunate timing intervened on Mary and Emil's life together in a profound way

Part 5 - Losing the cottage again
How were things after WW1 for Mary and Emil and their expected baby?

Part 6 - Battle for the cottage
A taste of obstacles that Mary overcame to reclaim her cottage.

Part 7 - Mary remembers
Mary looks back on her life and shares some memories.

View Schwerkolt Family Tree (pdf) - An overall view of the Schwerkolt family connections