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Hanover to Victoria

I have traced my Schulz ancestry back to Hanover in Germany, where a Johann Heinrich SCHULTZ, had a son Johann Christian Heinrich SCHULTZ, who married Dorothea Maria WIDMUND on the 13th of November 1789 at the Lutheran Church at Bodenteich. Bodenteich is about 20 km South East of Uelzen in present day West Germany. When they had a son, he was christened as SCHULZ without the 'T'. Johann Joachim SCHULZ was born on Friday the 27th of September 1811 at Flinten near Bodenteich. On the 24th of July 1836 at Bodenteich, he married Catrina Maria Elizabeth BUNGE who was born on Tuesday the 18th of January 1814 at Wieren, a neighbouring town about 15km south east of Uelzen.

Johann and Catrina had nine children. -
* Heinrich was born around 1838, but he died at an early age.
* Johann Heinrich SCHULZ my great grandfather, was born on Wednesday the 11th of March 1840 at Hacklingen near Bodenteich, where he was baptized and confirmed.
* The next child was Carl Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm SCHULZ, commonly called alphabet Schulz for obvious reasons. He was born on the 29th of January 1842. (On the 5th of November 1873 he married Marie Elizabeth LIEBE)
* They then had a daughter Dorothea, but she died young.
* Johann Friedrich Heinrich SCHULZ was born on Monday the 6th of November 1848. (He later married Maria KRANZ)
* A daughter Christina, was born around 1850 but died young.
* A son Wilhelm was born around 1852 but died young.
* Henry Adolf SCHULZ was born around 1854 in Germany.
(He later married Anna Ernestine SCHULZ)
* August Herman SCHULZ was born in Australia on Tuesday the 29th of July 1856 near Strathalbyn in South Australia.
(He later married Anna Louise SCHULZ and as you can see the last two brothers married two sisters, also by the name of SCHULZ.)

In 1854 the family set sail from Hamburg in (West) Germany to Australia. Possibly they were aboard the ship J W A Lorenzen, which left Hamburg on the 19th of July 1854 and arrived in Adelaide on the 5th of November. The Schulzs arrived at Port Adelaide in South Australia and disembarked on Monday the 6th of November 1854. They lived at Callington near Murray Bridge for 6 years.

They went by wagon in 1860 to Mount Gambier, where they stayed for a short time. Then they moved to Tahara near Hamilton, where they selected land on a part of the original Muntham Station and established a home. The children were educated at Hochkirch, which is now called Tarrington. They had their difficulties, Johann Heinrich received a severe bodily injury which resulted in an inflamed and irritated lower abdomen. Worse, the chemist gave Johann medicine which nearly killed him. Johann was close to death and it was a miracle he survived. His health subsequently was never 100o/o.

On Monday the 1st of August 1864, Johann Heinrich then aged 24, received his Naturalisation Papers. (Cert No 199, Record Book 3, Page 46.)

On Saturday the 17th of February 1866, Pastor Charles George HILLER, from the South Hamilton Evangelical Lutheran Church, officiated at the wedding of Johann Heinrich SCHULZ aged 26 and Johanna Juliane HERRMANN aged 21, at her parents home near Merino. Johanna was born on Wednesday the 20th of November 1844 at Upper Kunnersdorf in Saxony to Johann Gottfried HERRMANN & Magdalena Maria nee DEUTSCHER who were married in 1840 at Hochkirch in (East) Germany. Johann HERRMANN died in 1847 and Magdalena remarried Johann Gottfried LIEBE on Tuesday the 11th of July 1848, but Johanna and the other two children retained their HERRMANN surname. In August 1848, the family sailed for Australia aboard the Alfred.

About a year after her marriage, Johanne Juliane died during child birth on the 11th of March 1867 and had no living issue. Johann Heinrich SCHULZ remarried, this time to his house-keeper, Johanna Caroline KRANZ on Monday the 24th of February 1868 at the Evangelical Lutheran Church South Hamilton. The minister was again Pastor HILLER. Johanna was born on Tuesday the 27th of February 1849 at Bersdorf (S/E of Legnica or Liegnitz in Poland) the daughter of Johann Gottlieb KRANZ and Johanna Caroline nee GUNTHER who were married in October 1843 at Liegnitz. The Kranz family arrived in Victoria in August 1853 aboard the Wilhelmsburg.

Johann Heinrich SCHULZ and his new wife had eight children, whose names, birth date and spouse were -

* Emma Maria, 25 September 1868, Johann Gottlieb SCHACHE.
* Anna Minna, 6 March 1870, Ernst Friedrich KONIG.
* Johanne Louise, 6 June 1872, Johann Herman KONIG.
* Marie, born 1 March 1875, married Otto HILLER.
* Carl Heinrich, 3 May 1877, Olga Pauline WAGNER.
* Caroline, 19 December 1879, Henry Cowan WILLIAMSON.
* Therese Wilhelmine, 10 April 1883, Julius H. DEGENHARDT.
* Olga Henrietta, 4 June 1884, Harold Hosking EVANS.

Johann Joachim SCHULZ died on Friday the 18th of December 1874, at his farm between Casterton and Coleraine. For a full account of his death, see the chapter, 'INQUEST OF JOHANN J. SCHULZ.'

The following account was published in The Coleraine Albion.

"We regret to record a very sudden death which occurred to Mr Schulz at Carapook a few days ago. He was working in his paddock with horse and cart, the horse bolted and capsized the cart of Mr Schulz who was so severely hurt that he died a short time afterwards."

It is rumoured and also supported by weather reports, that thunder frightened the horse. Johann Joachim SCHULZ was buried at Merino cemetery on the 20th of December 1874. The German inscription on his headstone when translated means "He rests in the Lord." There is also a quote from Isaiah Chapter 57, Verse 2 - "he enters into peace; they rest in their beds who walk in their uprightness."