Cemetery Tours

Image The first Mortlake Cemetery Tour, April 2003
Participants in the Tour listen to the story of Thomas Montgomery who emigrated from Northern Ireland as a teenager and who went from being a grocer's apprentice to becoming a business entrepreneur in Mortlake and Terang, Shire of Mortlake councillor and philanthropist.
Cemetery Tour April 17, 2011
Our next tour of the Mortlake Cemetery will run on Sunday, April 17 as part of Australian Heritage Week. The tour will start at 2.30 p.m. Cost is $5 per person.

MDHS runs Tours of the Mortlake Cemetery and is always happy to run a tour for another group.

Since Mortlake was settled in the early 1850s, its cemetery tells many stories. There are seven known former Tasmanian convicts buried in the cemetery and these are some of the 'stars' of our tours! At least ten people interred at Mortlake were born in the 1700s and these also feature on our tours.