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A sketch of our rooms located at 66 Ailsa Street, Mansfield

A Sketch of our rooms - Sketch by Peg Martin


The present Mansfield Historical Society was established in 1983.  In 1992 we moved into the old library building in Ailsa Street.  In 2006 we relocated to the Mansfield Railway Station;  our premises in Ailsa Street becoming our storage centre.

We are now relocated at the Mansfield Railway Station, 173 High Street, Mansfield and we are open on three days per week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11-3pm.  Other times by appointment.

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History of Our Ailsa Street Building

On December 5th 1891 tenders were advertise in the local paper for the erection of the brick building.  The library itself was to have a frontage of 60 feet with a depth of 12 feet.  The actual plan approved was that of a Corinthian design.  By May 1892 the Free Library as it was now called was nearing completion, and at this time books were starting to be selected by the subcommittee.  July 20 1892, the new building in Ailsa Street was opened to the public for use.  Four years later a new room was added.  "The Library itself had transformed into a well lighted homely like room, made so to make the readers more comfortable.  It had a cheerful fire and a goodly supply of books, journals and magazines could be found within."


Office Bearers 2010-2011

President: Graeme Stoney

Vice President: Marg Attley

Secretary: Jan Konik

Treasurer: Peter Gardner

Research: Facilitator: Marg Attley

Book Sales:  Kay Tie

Committee: Gaye Adamson, Bernie Anstee, Marg Attley, Rolf Attley, Peter Gardner

Sue Gardner, Russell Jones, Jan Konik, Peter Mahoney, Graeme Stoney

Peter Tie, Kay Tie, Pat Woolmer


Committee Meetings - 2nd Monday of month, 5.15pm at 173 High Street, Mansfield

History Meetings - advertised here and in local newspaper