What is the history of your house?

Where did your ancestor live?


The Property Report presents a chronological summary of the history of the property from the earliest record to the most recent, all with references.

We will look up rate records, parish maps, newspaper articles and government gazettes to piece together a history of the nominated property.

If you are interested in a report on all property owned by a specific person, this can also be created.


After you have received your report, if you have any specific questions on the content, we are happy to explain things to you by phone or email, but we do not do "further lookups" of information for free.

Property History

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Please print and complete the RESEARCH REQUEST FORM and post or email it to us.

If you have a SPECIFIC QUESTION that you want answered, please let us know. If we need to consult rate records to locate when your house was built, in preference to who actually owned the land, we will tailor the report to suit your requirements. We are unable to do an exhaustive search for all information in the time allocated to each customer. However new leads can be followed up in a subsequent report for an additional fee.



We will contact you when the report is completed and forward the report when payment has been received.

NOTE: The more background information you can provide, the easier it is to begin your request.

Street Numbers are a very recent concept. In the past, land was often referred to by the allotment number within a specific section of the total township or land parish area. For example, a probate or title record may describe the land as "Allotment 6 of Section 18, Township of Malmsbury."


If you know this information, please include it in your research request. If not, using Google Earth or Google Maps to locate the site, printing it out and attaching it with a good description, is one of the next-best ways of giving us accurate details of the site in question.


Any details and dates from a copy of a land title, all help us to spend more time giving you new information, rather then looking up information that you already know.


Sending us an email which says " do you have any information on the history of my house in Mollison St.?" is not very helpful.

If we spend 5 hours looking through the rate books from 1863 onwards, when the land was not sold by the Government before 1875, we have wasted our time and your money.