The following is a guide to the work that we do for our customers and members on a regular basis. We may be able to give you an idea over the phone or by email

Service List

We can search our records for information on your family. Many of our records, most of which have not been digitized, are not found elsewhere.


Look at our LIST OF HOLDINGS to see if we may have information that you are looking for.


Members can do their own research in-person for free.


We can do the research for you, or visitors are welcome to do their own research in person for a discounted fee.

We may be able to put in you contact with other descendants and advise you of other material available and how to find it.

Cost $50 (report only, copying extra)

Priority Fee: $20 extra

Family Research

If you have purchased an old property in Malmsbury, or have a photo (or records) of an ancestor's property that you would like to know more about, we can use our records to construct a Property History.

Do you need heritage information for a VCAT application?


Look at our LIST OF HOLDINGS to see if we may have information that you are looking for.


The report is based on rate books, parish maps, land records, newspapers and our knowledge of our local history.

We can also suggest where you may find further information.


Cost $50 (report only, copying extra)

Priority Fee: $20 extra

Property History


Is your area of interest related more to a subject than a name or place?

Are you interested in mining history, railways, police, weeds, environment, wildlife etc.?

Look at our LIST OF HOLDINGS to see if we may have information that you are looking for.

Our process of indexing our records includes a broad range of keywords to suit a wide range of interests.

While we can create a subject report for you, this sort of research is often best done in person. Let our experienced researchers guide you through our collection to see if we have the sort of information you are looking for, or if we know where else you can find it.

Subject History

Malmsbury Historical Society Inc.

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We offer the following arrangements for research and payment:


(Approximately 1 day of research plus report creation)

EMAILED The report is emailed in PDF format and emailed to a valid email address.


For research requests which entail many days of work, typing up the report and making copies; Price on application:


Payment is not required up-front, but the report is not delivered until payment is made.

We will usually phone or email you requesting payment when the report is ready.

Payment can be made via:

In person


Postal Order

Direct Deposit

Sorry, no credit cards or Paypal services.

Overseas customers can make a direct deposit to our account. You may need to quote our ABN Number which is on the Research Request Form

Please remember that all of our work is done by a very small group of volunteers, and very little of what we produce is an "off the shelf" product. We tailor-make each report to suit the customer's needs. Each research request is registered and placed in a queue to be completed as time and volunteer numbers permit. We will usually acknowledge receipt of your request by email if an email address is provided with the form.


Your patience is appreciated, As we also work on indexing records, creating new local history publications, and administering the Society, sometimes there can be a delay of a few months. If there is a justifiable reason for giving your request priority attention, and we agree to do so, a priority fee is payable. Please keep this in mind if you are intending to hold a family reunion of publish a family history with a deadline.