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Diver inspecting Kanowna The Age, 6 June 2015
Gallipoli ship mystery laid to rest
'Below them was TSS Kanowna, a passenger ship that sank in 1929 off Wilsons Promontory. '
more details
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City of Launceston The Age, 23rd January 2019
Treasure hunt
'the City of Launceston... a veritable treasure trove' more details >>>
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HMVS Cerberus after it collapsed in 1993 The Age, 7th January 2019
Last-ditch bid to save a piece of naval history
Three million dollars is urgently needed to save the flagship of the Victorian Navy, HMVS Cerberus, the last surviving colonial Flagship.Project work conducted by the MAAV. more details >>>
Also: >>HMVS Cerberus project report.
         >>HMVS Cerberus publication (PDF, 600KB).
         >>HMVS Cerberus publication Feb 2019 (PDF, 92.8KB).
         >>Link to dedicated 'Save the Cerberus' website
The Age, 24th January 2001
All Hands on deck as farmers separate the ship from the goats
more details >>>
Priestman on the Yarra River
Steam Grab Dredge Dandenong Found 2014
MAAV members Find the lost dredge "Dandenong" in Westernport Bay
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SMS Dresden underway
"Fortuyn" Project,Lost Dutch East Indiaman 2015
A Search off Christmas Island To Find the lost Dutch Ship "Fortuyn"and visit the SMS Emden a Dresden Class German light criuser sunk in WW1 by HMAS Sydney
more details >>>
Hunley Preservation
Telegraph UK, 23rd August 2018
Fate of Confederate Crew
more details >>>
The Australian Financial Review, 19-20th May 2018
Maritime history slipping away: The City of Adelaide
more details >>>
         >>City of Adelaide comes home publication Feb 2019 (article).
International Shipwrecks require Protection from Thieves
Treasures of the deep need friends in high places
more details >>>
         >>HMS Exexter and HMS Encounter plundered The Guardian 2016 (article).
Aquability, Jan 2019
Mark Ryan of Aquability reports on the disintegrating state of the J1 Submarine in the Ships Grave Yard
more details >>>
Also: >>Link to Aquability informative website
         >>Link to photos of disintegrating J1 Sub in ships graveyard
         >>Link to photos of J5 Sub in ships graveyard
         >>History of the WWI J Class Subs
         >>Identification of the WWI J Class Subs
The Age, 20th January 2019
The Regia: Explore a shipwreck without getting your feet wet
more details >>>
HMS Sussex 1694
The Shipwreck of Treasure HMS Sussex
Wreck may hold treasure trove 800 metres down
more details >>>
Odessey in Dispute with Spain over HMS Sussex Treasure
History's rescuers draw up prize from the deep
more details >>>
Bayside Leader, 6th May 2002--16/7/2018
Cerberus Study
more details >>>