Midship section of a wooden ship of the second half of the 19th century
Illustration from the 'Illustrated Marine Encyclopedia 1890, By Captain H. Paasch'
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1  Keel
2  Garboard strake
3  Bottom planking
4  Bends or wales
5  Topside planking
6  Sheer strake
7  Floor
8  2nd futtock
9  4th futtock
10 Long timber
11 Limbers
12 Keelson
13 Limber board
14 limber strake
15 Floor ceiling
16 Thick strakes of ceiling
17 Air courses
18 Lower deck hanging knee
19 Lower deck shelf
20 Lower deck clamp

21 Hold stanchion
22 Lower deck beam
23 Lower deck, lower deck planking
24 Lower deck waterway
25 Lower deck spirketing
26 Tween deck ceiling
27 Upper deck hanging knee
28 Upper deck shelf
29 Upper deck clamp
30 Tween deck stanchion
31 Upper deck beam
32 Upper deck, upper deck planking
33 Upper deck waterway
34 Covering board
35 Bulwark stanchions
36 Planksheer
37 Bulwark planking
38 Main rail
39 Tween decks
40 Hold
Keel Garboard strake Bottom planking Bottom planking Bottom planking Bends or wales Bends or wales Topside planking Topside planking Sheer strake Floor 2nd futtock 2nd futtock 4th futtock 4th futtock Long toptimber Limbers, water course Keelson Limber board Limber strake Floor ceiling Floor ceiling Thick strakes of ceiling Thick strakes of ceiling Air courses Lower deck hanging knee Lower deck shelf Lower deck clamp Hold stanchion Lower deck beam Lower deck, lower deck planking Lower deck waterway Lower deck spirketing Tween deck ceiling Upper deck hanging knee Upper deck shelf Upper deck clamp Tween deck stanchion Upper deck beam Upper deck, upper deck planking Upper deck waterway Covering board Bulwark stanchions Planksheer Bulwark planking Main rail Tween decks Hold Air courses